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Modest Sportswear For The Hijabi's

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I know that this is a problem for myself when my husband asked me to join him for a run. I was looking high and low for the right attire - what I found are my daily long sleeves tshirts and a sports pants that showed my figure. I ended up wearing a huge long sleeve tshirt that covers my shape with that sports pants and I looked terrible!

OH and the hijab, oh my, my hijab was very uncomfortable, getting into my face as I run. 

And then I questioned myself, isn't there any dri-fit material attire that are modest? I found Nike and Adidas has one design each which are ridiculously expensive and only covers 3 quarter of the hand.

I searched online and found this Malaysian brand NASHATA. Why have I not heard about this earlier? And so, just like everything else onboard Zaahara, I know that this is something that needs to be shared with the rest of the Urban Muslims. 

So here it is! Modest Sportswear by NASHATA :)


Hijab that secures tightly on your head and covers your chest


This helps to secure the sleeves




Erina, Founder & COO of Zaahara.

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