7 Small but Meaningful Steps in Becoming Better Muslims!

7 Small but Meaningful Steps in Becoming Better Muslims!

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small and meaningful way to be better muslims

Everyone wishes to become a better Muslim every now and then. It’s a human’s fitrah wanting to be better than what they were before. Good changes are always encouraged in Islam. Therefore, in order to be a good Muslim, small yet impactful deed is counted too. One does not need to finish one juzuk per day in order to become a good Muslim. A small deed like keeping our mouth shut although we are angry is also considered to be a good deed, plainly because we have control our anger through sabr.

Please be mindful that there are many more ways in becoming a better Muslim but below are some that we can incorporate in our daily life at anywhere and any point of time:

1. Al-fatihah

Every morning while travelling to work, form a habit to sedekah Al-fatihah to both of our parents. There are only 7 verses to recite. Moreover, this surah is known by heart by most of us.

When we think of Allah and our parents at the start of our day, In shaa Allah, He will prosper and bless the rest of our days. What’s a better gift than great dua for our parents.

2. Sedekah

All of us know that sedekah is the simplest yet meaningful deed in the eyes of Islam. Yes, sedekah can be in monetary form. But also, sedekah can be done in other means.

For example, buying breakfast for your colleagues, helping our neighbor to send their kids to school, buy nice cloth for our maid, or even buying a gift for someone that is close to our heart with no occasion needed. Sedekah is very powerful as it touches many hearts for a long time.

3. Zikir & Quran

Form a habit to utter zikir while driving or during train ride to work. When we converse beautiful names of Allah, we will start our day calmly although we feel like so many things need to get done in such a short day.

When we constantly think of Allah, He thinks of us too.

With technology at our fingertips, we can now download virtual Quran as phone apps. I am pleased for this invention as we can connect to Allah SWT at any time.

Form a habit to read minimum of two or three verses of Quran each day. Start small and in shaa allah, you will get hooked by Quran and you may end up reading half juzuk a day.

4. Kiss and tell

Only for those who is married. Husband and wife is encouraged in Islam to be intimate between the two but only in private. Therefore, kiss your husband/wife before they go to work and tell him/her that you love your partner very much. This is part of sunnah to love our spouses dearly.

Besides our partner, we can also form this habit with our children. Kiss them on the forehead and tell them that we love them very much. Isn’t easy to gain pahala on everyday basis?

5. Always be in wuduk

A man taking his wudhu' (ablution)

Make a habit of having wudhu after bath time on top of the 5 times wudhu that we need to have before we pray. Wudhu is believed to drop our sins. After all, why not maximize our pahala when we have access to water during bath time.

6. Action speaks louder

I am a huge believer that action speaks louder than words. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone doing something for us without having to tell them to do so? One can gain pahala simply by helping your parents/spouses to warm up the car engine before they go to work, or maybe a husband reminding her pregnant wife to take her daily vitamins & supplements, or maybe a husband helps the wife to iron their scarf or maybe we can also call up our friends & relatives asking about their welfare every now and then. Why not?

These small and unusual gestures not only result us in gaining pahala but we will also gain stronger connection with our loved ones.

7. Follow like Muhammad

Everything that we do according to sunnah will result in pahala. EVERYTHING! Therefore, why don’t we incorporate sunnah in our daily life through food & drinks. Eat kurma in odd numbers and you gain pahala. Drink water with your right hand and you gain pahala. Consume a spoonful of honey before breakfast and you gain pahala.

Isn’t it so easy to gain pahala in life? There are many more ways in becoming a better Muslim. Secure your niat and in shaa Allah, He will guide you in becoming one. Wallahuallam.



The author, Sharifah Nursabrina, is a mom-preneur for an upcoming fashion brand, KAYAN and soon will be opening her dream cafe in Bangi area. KAYAN is a brand that specialises in wooden accessories. The brand creates the first Butang Baju Melayu Kayu in Malaysia. All local and hand made by her beloved husband. Besides the studs, KAYAN produces pin tudung kayu, kerongsang and customizes anything that's got to do with wood. All of these are made with love in their backyard. Alongside her business, she writes blog at https://beautifulmonkeylah.wordpress.com/author/sharifahnursabrina/ . She enjoys cooking, travelling and making new friends! 

Sources: https://www.facebook.com/notes/saya-cintakan-rasulullah-saw-sesungguhnya-islam-itu-indah-alhamdulillah/60-pintu-pahala-danpelebur-dosa-terbaik/301144343229872/

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