Here's Why Lombok is Special ;)

Here's Why Lombok is Special ;)

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THE CITY OF 1001 MOSQUES - You heard that right! There is a city nearby to our country that is referred to as “City of 1001 mosques”. A few months back, my little family travelled to Lombok for family gateway. We were indecisive between Bali and Lombok. We had no regrets by choosing the later.

Lombok is filled with 95% Muslim community. Getting halal food while travelling is not a worry at all as compared to Bali whereby Muslims are minority. Local people of Lombok abides to Islam rules quite strict too. Our driver told us that they only allow hotels and clubs to put on music up to 3am. This is because these “sinful zone” must give way for Quran recitation before Subuh comes.

Map of Lombok

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Along our two ­hour journey from the airport to Senggigi, we spotted many mosques. By few metres, you’ll see one on your right. And another on your left. And another behind the first mosque you spotted a while ago. Lombok people are not wealthy in monetary terms. They live simple life and yet they have so many mosques built. The one that is rich would be the expats.

Lombok Mosque

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These mosques are built solely by voluntary donation from individuals. How it works is that; there will be a charity box placed in front of the mosque. Whoever that passes by, they can donate discreetly. With the money that the mosque committee gain, they will build up the site accordingly. Some take months and some take years to complete.

I might be misguided by this act of kindness but somehow it shows that people of Lombok likes to go to mosque during prayer time and also they are eager to accumulate pahala. Masya Allah. Can you imagine if someone by the name of XYZ has donated for 7 mosques throughout his life. If XYZ was to be deceased, his pahala will continue to be gained as long as local community is still using the mosques. I would want to be XYZ!

Telekung Sofia by Zaahara at Lombok.

Image: Telekung Sofia by ZAAHARA at Lombok. 

It is fascinating to learn about people’s culture and way of living while you are travelling especially in Muslim countries. Morale of the story let’s be greedy in collecting pahala! Life is too short and we shall collect as much of pahala in duniya for us to carry forward in the life after.


The author, Sharifah Nursabrina, is a mom-preneur for an upcoming fashion brand, KAYAN and soon will be opening her dream cafe in Bangi area. KAYAN is a brand that specialises in wooden accessories. The brand creates the first Butang Baju Melayu Kayu in Malaysia. All local and hand made by her beloved husband. Besides the studs, KAYAN produces pin tudung kayu, kerongsang and customizes anything that's got to do with wood. All of these are made with love in their backyard. Alongside her business, she writes blog at . She enjoys cooking, travelling and making new friends! 

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