9 facts about Ajwa dates that you should know

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  1. What is AJWA ?

Ajwa date is a type of date that grows in al-Madinah (a place in Saudi Arabia). The scholar ibn Munzir, in his book Lisan al-Arab mentions that according to some sources Ajwa refers to a type of date all of which have their origin in a palm tree planted by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Ajwa date come from the date palm in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most ancient trees in the world and can grow up to 12 inches each year to a 100 feet.

  1. What is the taste of Ajwa dates?

Ajwa dates have a meaty, chewy texture and a sweet flavour with hints of caramel, honey, and cinnamon.

  1. What is the content of Ajwa dates?

Ajwa dates contain protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibre and healthy fats. As far as vitamins, they are literally packed with vitamins A, B6, C, E and K. They also contain carotenoids which are part of the vitamin A family and great for eyesight. Other vitamins contained include folate, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin.

  1. Ajwa dates and pregnancy

The use of Ajwa dates during and after pregnancy improves blood circulation in mother and baby bodies and is very helpful for growth of mother milk as well.

  1. Ajwa dates is good for infertility

Extremely useful in Male & Female infertility. It gives a healthy and bright skin and able to cure against various skin diseases.

Ajwa dates for better living

  1. What are Ajwa dates good for?

Ajwa dates are rich in potassium. Hence ajwa khajoor is helpful in heart health because Potassium can also help reduce the risk of stroke and can ease anxiety. Effective in preventing abdominal cancer, abdominal diseases, Disturbance in intestines, strong remedy to kill the worms of abdomen and relieves Constipation

  1. Can diabetics eat Ajwa dates?

According to experts, diabetics can also benefit from the high fiber content of dates. It is okay to eat 2-3 dates a day for diabetics so long as they exercise caution and maintain healthy eating habits overall.

  1. How many calories Ajwa dates?

As many as seven Ajwa dates comprise 120 calories. Those who have made it a habit to take 5 to 7 Ajwa dates without fail everyday are less susceptible to carcinoma and circulatory diseases.

  1. Are Ajwa dates good for weight loss?

Ajwa dates are quite rich in iron and fluorine content. They are rich in dietary fibre and essential fatty acids that aid weight loss. It is okay to consume about six dates through the day. Eaten in moderation, dates are super-helpful in shedding those kilos."


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