Korban in Makkah with Zaahara for 2020

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This year in 2020 we are ready to fulfill your dream.

Even with limited budget, you can do the korban as we are working together with our parner in Makkah for this year korban.

How much will korban be? RM 5000? RM 3000? RM 1000? Well, fret not, you can do the korban with a budget of RM 510 (SGD 167), (USD 122 ), (UK 99) and it will be done in the blessed land of Makkah. This is the price of a sheep and goat. (We have allocated 5,00 for this year).
Let us make this pledge and perform the korban with Zaahara.
Why us?

✅ Opportunity to fulfill the korban in Makkah on 31 July to 3rd August 2020
✅ Affordability
✅ Certificate of korban
✅ Picture and video of your korban
✅ Updated from time to time in regards to your
✅ Free Telekung Zaahara or Kain Pelikat for the first 100
Don't hesitate as we from Zaahara has been doing Korban since year 2000.
▶️ We have 20 years experience of doing korban in Makkah since we are under the guindace of Hj Pawan Chik and several other ustaz and mutawwif who are well experience in doing korban in Makkah
▶️ To date we have korban 10,000 (sheeps and cows) for our customers.
You can place your order online or whatsapp us at:
WHATSAPP >>> http://www.wasap.my/+6012 331 5322/korban
WHATSAPP >>> http://www.wasap.my/+6012 331 5322/korban
WHATSAPP >>> http://www.wasap.my/+6012 331 5322/korban

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