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99 Beautiful Names of Allah That We Should Strive to Memorize

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I was reading the Quran and it hit me that there are many times we did utter the names of Allah such as “Rahman” Rahim” “Aziz” “Hakim” and many more to be precise. Besides that we will also be uttering  “Azeem” and “Aqla” during our daily and sunnat prayers.

MasyaAllah. I can feel how lost I was for the past many years for not knowing what I have been reciting.

Being in Malaysia whereby Arab is not the main language, most of us learn the deen from our schools and parents and some Ustaz when we were small.


99 names of Allah's name and attributes

We have been taught to learn and make progression in the secular studies. We have been taught that to be successful, we all need to be excellent in the academic. Yes, this is what has been happening in Malaysia.

So now at 30 years old, I have always asked and make dua so that Allah give me guidance and share with me the things that I should know.

I just realised that 99 Names of Allah is such beautiful and knowing His character will increase the understanding of who the Creator is. That is the journey of a slave towards attaining the pleasure of the King of Al-Alamin.

Knowing that if I really put the effort in knowing His names, InsyaAllah I will be able to memorise and have the believe that Allah will be with me. I would like to share the journey with the readers on the second part of learning the 99 names of Allah later on.

I read somewhere whereby “if a person occupies himself with learning about Allah, he is doing what he was created for, but if he ignores the matter, he is neglecting what he was created for.”

Now I am beginning to understand what is Faith as faith without knowing means we are just following something blindly and how can we attain the sweetness of iman if we don’t make effort to understand who is Allah through his Names and Attributes. The more we learns about Allah, the more we can increase in faith.

My steps of learning the names will be as follows:

  • Break it into 9 segments. Each segments contains 10 names (minus Allah) .
  • Listen to the Asma-Ul-Husna while doing the work
  • Keep on looking at the printed 99 names and start to memorize
  • Make dua to Allah so that Allah can ease the memorization


Part 1

  1. Arrahman  2. Arrohim  3. Al-Malik  4. Al-Quddus  5. Assalam  6. Al-Mu'min  7. Al-Muhaimin  8. Al-Aziz  9. Al-Jabbar  10. Al-Muttakabir

Part 2

  1. Al-Khaliq  12. Al-Baari 13. Al-Mushawir 14. Al-Ghaffar  15. Al-Qahar  16. Al-Wahab 17. Ar-Razaq 18. Al-Fattah  19. Al-A'lim 20. Al-Qobidh

 Part 3

  1. Al-Basith 22. Al-Khaafith 23. Ar-Rafi 24. Al-Mu'iz 25. Al-Mundzil 26. As-Samiy 27. Al-Bashir 28. Al-Hakam 29. Al-A'dl 30. Al-Latiif

 Part 4

  1. Al-Khabir  32. Al-Haliim  33. Al-A'dzim  34. Al-Ghafur  35. As-Syakuur  36. Al-A'liy  37. Al-Kabiir  38. Al-Khafiidz  39. Al-Muqiit  40. Al-Hasiib 

 Part 5

  1. Al-Jaliil 42. Al-Kariim 43. Ar-raqib 44. Al-Mujiib 45. Al-Waasi' 46. Al-Hakiim 47. Al-Waduud  48. Al-Majiid  49. Al-Baa'Its  50. As-Syahid 

 Part 6

  1. Al-Haqqu  52. Al-Wakil  53. Al-Qowiiy  54. Al-Matiin  55. Al-Walii  56. Al-Hamiid  57. Al-Muhshi 58. Al-Mubdii 59. Al-Mu'id 60. Al-Muhyi

 Part 7

  1. Al-Mumiit  62. Al-hayyu  63. Al-Qoyyum  64. Al-Wajid  65. Al-Maajid  66. Al-Wahid  67. Ahad  68. Ashamad  69. Al-Qaadir  70. Al-Muqtadir 

 Part 8

  1. Al-Muqoddim 72. Al-Muakhir  73. Al-Awal 74. Al-Aakhir 75. Adzohir 76. Al-Bathin 77. Al-Waali  78. Al-Muta'ali 79. Al-Bar 80. Attawwab

 Part 9

  1. Al-Muntaqim 82. Al-A'fuw  83. Arra Uf  84. Maalikul Mulk 85. Dzaljalali wal ikhram 86. Al-Muqsith 87. Al-Jaami' 88. Al-Ganii 89. Al-Mugni 90. Al-Maani'

 Part 10

  1. Adhaar 92. Annafi 93. Annur 94. Al-Haadi 95. Al-Badii 96. Al-Baaqi 97. Al-Waarist 98. Arrasyiid 99. Ashabuur

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  • Prey for mi

    Rahat on
  • Who uploads these pictures without rectifying them? “Al-Muhsee” is written as “Al-Mushee” and no one has cared to remove the picture or correct the mistake? I noticed one comment above as well poniting out the mistake but the author hasn’t removed the picture? Why is it that getting views on our blogs is much important for us than correcting these seemingly trivial yet grave mistakes? What if a child is learning Allah’s names from here?

    G on
  • Salamualaikum! Unless I am mistaken, 57 on the image says “Al Mushee” but it is pronouned “Al Muhsee” (which you have written on your list here :) ) I always noticed it but wasn’t sure where to mention it. Some people may rely on the English only! Jazakallahu khayran. Amazing work <3

    Masuma Sheikh on
  • Alhamdulillah by the will of Allah I have memorised Asma ul Husna ,thanks for ur technique to memorize Asma ul husna, jazakallah bi Khair

    Dr Ziaul Haque on
  • Alhamdulillah by the will of Allah I have memorised Asma ul Husna ,thanks for ur technique to memorize Asma ul husna

    Dr Ziaul Haque on

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