Death - something that nobody can escape

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Last Monday, 23rd April 2018, one of my cousin passed away and he died of sickness whereby he has been in the ICU for the past 10 days. He is only 37 years old. He left behind his only mother who are 67 years old.

My dad decided to conduct a special ‘tahlil’ and ‘tazkirah’ session at his house and called up all the family members comprises uncles, aunties and cousins.

I hereby would like to share with you guys on what the Ustaz talked about during the tazkirah session and May Allah gives us hidayah and taufeek from the notes.

The title of the tazkirah is : Death. Don't waste the time that we have.

  1. Age

Age is not a factor of when someone will die. You can die at any age. Be it young, old, new born etc.

  1. The world is just a passage before akhirat

Too much time are being wasted to look for the worldly glory. Although this world is created by Allah, we must remember that there are so many ‘fitna’, ‘trials’ and ‘tribulation’ that is happening.

We should use this world wisely in order for our akhirat pursuit.

  1. Understand the beauty of Allah’s name

Allah has 99 names and in a day, we will definitely utter some beautiful names such as:

  1. Rahman
  2. Rahim
  3. Azeem
  4. Aqla
  5. Malik
  6. Aziz
  7. Ghaffar

These are just a few names. Just imagine if we understand the names and we utter it during solah, wouldn’t we attain khusyukness?

  1. Make proper doa

We make all sorts of doa daily such as:

  • Rezki
  • Long life

Many more to be mentioned. But those doa’s are mostly dunya related or akhirat related?

How many has made doa’s such as below:

  • To understand Allah’s greatness
  • To understand who is Muhammad s.a.w
  • To get the love of the angels

 Allah as the Creator would definitely grant all of our wish. Why shouldn’t we ask for Allah to grant us something for Him or towards Him? Isn’t that great?

  1. Think of Allah

Wake up and start thinking of the deen seriously. This is a very serious note as a lot of us has been sleeping and not being serious on the deen. We focus too much on the worldly activities and put aside the importance of the deen in our daily life.

MasyaAllah. These are just 5 points where I believe it serve as a good reminder. May Allah bless all of us and grant us hidayah. Amin.

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