Dates, one of the most precious commodity in Ramadhan throughout Malaysia

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For many years in Malaysia, the dates or also known as kurma will be in high demand especially during the Holy month of Ramadhan whereby all the Muslims are obliged to pray for a month.For 2020, the fasting period will be from 23rd April to 23rd May 23rd.

Everywhere there will be plenty supply of the dates. Places such as supermarkets, shops and bazaars are flooded with the fruit, which is a must-have during breaking of fast time.

This year, we finally decided to join the wagon to sell kurma as we noticed that there is a lack of online seller for kurma. We started the campaign very early which is 1 month prior to Ramadhan and so far it has been a very good campaign.

With enough time frame, people can try our kurma which we import directly from our partner in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

The types of Kurma that we sell this year will be:

  1. Ajwa Aliyah
  2. Ajwa Medium
  3. Ajwa Large
  4. Safawi Medium
  5. Safawi Large
  6. Medjoul
  7. Barny

Kurma and dates online

There are many types of kurma in the market but we are very selective with our kurma as we believe the people of Malaysia should finally try the best kurma all the way from the farm in Madinah.

We personally tried all our kurma before decided to sell them.

It doesn’t taste the same as what the wholesaler sells in Malaysia.

You may look at our premium packaging and believe that we really take our kurma seriously.

In Malaysia, there are many customers who like Ajwa as that is the most expensive dates among all the dates.

All these while, customers normally buy the dates one day before Ramadhan but this time around, we would like to encourage Malaysians to buy earlier and try dates earlier so that they can enjoy eating dates.

Kurma Ajwa directly from Madinah

We are looking for individual, mosque committee members, traders and companies, who buy for their own consumption, to trade, or to present as gifts.

Most of the Muslims who said fasts will break their fast with dates in emulation of Prophet Muhammad.

Our parents have been breaking fast with dates since I was small and until now, they are a must-have for my family during Ramadan.

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