donUTscarves vs dUCkscarves. Is donUt a copycat of dUCk?

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dUCkscarves is a top-selling worldwide luxury scarf brand. It is famous for its unique designs, quality materials and elegant colours. It is so sought after that another scarf brand is dubbed as the copycat of dUCkscarves. Uh huh you know what we are talking about here, it is donUTscarves!

donUTscarves was first launched back in 2015. You could say that it was about a year or so after dUCkscarves’ first launching. Both brands have been around for quite some time now and both brands have grabbed the attention of many people. However, donUTscarves’ attention is not quite the same as compared to the attention dUCkscarves is getting.

Want to know why? It is because their entire brand is a fraud! What they did was they plagiarized dUCkscarves from A to Z.

Let us share with you some info on how donUtscarves copied dUCkscarves. After you have finished reading this, you can go gossip with your buddies about it hehe.


Okay, so for starters, the name itself has a similar look to it. Noticed how the U and the C in dUCk is capitalized? It is actually deliberately done to create foregrounding and attract people’s attention. donUTscarves went and did the same thing as dUCkscarves. They capitalized the U and the T in donUT to make it look unique. Unique? Yeah, right!

Do not get me started with the logo. I mean, come on donUTscarves, you could have designed a different logo than the dUCkscarves. Better yet, you could have even designed a prettier logo; but no, you had to do the same logo.

The only difference in both logos is that in dUCk, you can actually see a small image of a duck at the alphabet U whereas in donUT, the O is fully coloured which is supposed to represent like a round doughnut.

It also bugs me that the KL Garden scarves edition by donUTscarves is just a replica of dUCkscarves’ KL Skyline scarves. Basically, these scarves have the patterns of the city Kuala Lumpur imprinted on them.

Of course the patterns are a little different from one another but that is not a good alibi on behalf of donUTscarves’ part. The only difference is the name of the scarves. One is named KL garden and another is named KL skyline. donUTscarves also made these scarves become their special ultimate scarves by making them limited editions similar to how dUCkscarves made their KL skyline scarves limited editions as well.


So, I’ve mentioned how donUTscarves have duplicated everything from the dUCkscarves, right? Hold on now, there is more. You know how when you purchase a dUCk scarf, it will come in a premium purple box wrapped with its significant ribbon?

Well, you could get the same thing when you buy a donUTscarves. Yes, you heard me right. donUTscarves also put their scarves in small purple boxes and there is a ribbon tied on the boxes too. The colour purple of donUtscarves’ boxes are a shade different from dUCkscarves’ boxes.

In this battle between scarves, the winner is *drum rolls* dUCkscarves! I have to say the only thing going on for donUTscarves is that it is undeniably cheaper than dUCkscarves.

All of its scarves are less than RM100 which is dirt cheap if you ask me when compared to dUCkscarves. Other than that, it is just a copycat of dUCkscarves. There is nothing original about it.



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