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6 popular online Telekung sites which you should checkout

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Online Telekung Sites

In this advance age of technology and globalisation, it doesn’t come as a surprise how we constantly try to find means and ways to make even our hobbies a convenience. Shopping would be one such activity that people have tried to avoid doing the traditional way.

Nowadays, plenty of housewives and working women find themselves sighing blissfully in front of a screen and throwing things into their virtual shopping cart. You can find just about anything being sold online these days and this is not limited to Islamic items.

There are several popular online telekung retailers and today we’ll be looking at 6 of the crème de la crème.

  1. Mia Mikhail

Let us begin with Mia Mikhail’s telekung line. Theirs is a product of variety and convenience. You need a new telekung for your wife-to-be’s hantaran? Mia Mikhail’s got your back. A gift for your mother? Mia Mikhail is right there for you.

This brand has practically got a telekung for every occasion you could think of. They have all the lovely simple Umrah and Hajj collection of cotton telekungs designed with comfort in mind. This telekung is perfect for you to perform your pilgrimage with ease; the stretchable material at the chin area is made to fit any face size.

Besides that, their bridal collection is absolutely breath taking. There are plenty of gorgeous satin telekung to choose from and their iconic White Duchess telekung is to die for. With its beautiful 3D flowers and rhinestones decorating the cloth, it is definitely the perfect gift for any new bride.

 The best thing about Mia Mikhail’s online shop is that you get to view these exquisite telekungs in detail with the picture provided for each design. The website is user friendly and very exclusive looking; with the telekung collections sorted into categories and the off white background and fancy font.

 What’s more, shopping becomes easier when all you need to do is create an account and click on the items you want. Add them to your virtual cart, proceed to checkout and then wait patiently for your item to arrive. Shopping for telekung has never been so much fun.

  1. Telekung Era Alem

Secondly, we have Telekung Era Alem or TEA for short. If you want to get a telekung quick and easy and not even bother get off your seat, this is the website store for you. There are just about a million telekungs to choose from if you go this online store.

They have got the TEA Basic, TEA Limited, TEA Premium, and more. There are thirty beautifully tailored telekungs to choose from just their TEA Premium collection! That is just from one category! And if you purchase items that exceed the price point of RM220, you get free shipping and isn’t that such a great deal?

Some of their Basics line is already RM200 so just add on another telekung and you can get it delivered to you without any delivery charges. You may even purchase telekungs for children and if you saw how adorable the Kids’ collection is, you’d buy it even if you didn’t have children of your own.

Due to the wide variety of different designs, colours and lace embellishments, TEA is most definitely an online stop that is worth a look.

  1. The Zaahara Telekung


Another online store you should hop over to is obviously They have a stunning website that is based on international standards as they believe that to be number 1 online, you just need to provide the best in terms of customer’s experience.

They promised comfort in their business dealing as customers are assured maximum comfort throughout the experience with them. From the moment you lay your eyes here, through your order process until after you have received your Telekung. Should you ever feel otherwise, just  give them a hola and they would refund. No compromise.

Their Basic collection has different design lines such as the Atikah, Faatima, and Naima. The Atikah line comes in two simple yet practical colours; black and crème. They are extremely comfortable and practically feel like butter on your skin. The look is also attractive and has a somewhat calming effect on the wearer. You have yourselves a simple embroidery at the edges but that’s about it.

Their all time hot seller telekung is the Telekung Sofia which is known among their fans as a MUST- HAVE telekung travel. It is small, compact and made of pastel colors. It does not fly when there is wind blown as it is made of Chinese Cotton which is slight heavy as compared to the normal parachute telekung travel. It is stylish but yet so affordable.

The Zaahara Telekung caters for the Muslimah around the world who seeks minimalism in the telekung wear as the founder belives in practicality and functionality as compared to the heavy designs which we have seen all this while.

Their telekung is being segmentized under a few category such as basic, travel series, premium, haj and Umrah, kids and also wedding series.                                                                                                       

The Zahaara Telekung sells their products online only and do not have a physical outlet for people to visit but if anyone has any queries about their products, they have provided contact details like their hotline number (you can even whatsapp them), their address as well as a “Contact Us” form on their site.

Delivery is fast and they even ship internationally, so really fellow Muslims, there ain’t no excuse for you guys to not throw in a The Zahaara Telekung in your virtual shopping cart and checkout.

  1. Telekung Najwa

Let us move on to the next one on this list which is Telekung Najwa. Telekung Najwa’s website is a pretty straight forward site. The minute you click on the link, you are transported to a page with all of the telekungs listed below. This site is not known for its variety but they have really nice looking telekungs that are quite affordable.

For instance, their Al-Mubarak Dusty Pink telekung is only RM150 and this is a telekung from their Hantaran collection. The facial part of the telekung is made with lycra for maximum comfort and the rest of the telekung is made from a heavy dull satin material.

It is one online store where you know you won’t need to spend so long to look for a telekung you like. Just a few minutes and boom, you’ll toss in a telekung into your cart. Customers can contact Telekung Najwa quickly via Facebook chat, email or phone numbers.

  1. Telekung Kareful

Telekung Kareful is the next one to gawk at. This online store is basically a Muslimah’s oasis of heavenly telekung in a multitude of colours. This is the online store for all the sweet, Lolita-esque Muslimah out there who fancy the soft allure of delicate floral prints and pastel hues than the more muted colours of other stores.

You should totally check out their Chic series; with the Aster, Iris, Black Lily and more. This series has got some serious colour-popping game and the telekung material is made out of cotton viscose which everyone knows feels absolutely delicious on your skin. Telekung Kareful is definitely worth a look through if you’re thinking of purchasing a telekung online.

  1. Telekung Siti Khadijah


Last but certainly not least, is the Telekung Siti Khadijah that is all the rage right now. Recently, the brand has made a name for themselves by crafting products are comfortable, appealing and are of top notch quality.

Telekung Siti Khadijah has plenty of options to choose from such as their Classic collection has so many types of designs to choose from such as Classic Plain Special Edition, Classic Signature, The Classic Prayer Outfit and even Classic Denim Kain!

Aside from that, this is one brand that is really good at quality control because each telekung has never been a lemon. Every single telekung they sell is like a work of art what with how well the ‘skirt’ covers your feet and the fact that the face area fits every single shape and size of face. It also is very good at keeping all your hair inside.

Buying this telekung online is definitely worth it as they even provide free shipping if you spend more than RM220.


Article is written by: 

Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

-Photos are taken from google images

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