A must for a malay wedding: Telekung is essential and required for weddings

A must for a malay wedding: Telekung is essential and required for weddings

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‘Tis the season to be wedded as some would say whenever there are holidays approaching for what better time to ensure the maximum number of invited guests showing up at your wedding if not on a holiday?

Most anyone who has ever planned a wedding or gotten married themselves would know the trials and tribulations that come hand in hand with the guest list. One of it is deciding what kind ‘hantaran’ or also known as part of the dowry to give your bride if you are the bridegroom.

A very popular item of choice for a hantaran as of late is the telekung, a prayer outfit for women to wear during solat. It is not only a practical gift but it is also personal with a touch of love and care that says ‘Here, a lovely gift for my bride-to-be, may you become a good Muslim and your deeds reunite us in the afterlife.’

It is not only beautiful but denotes a sense of religion that not only serves the bride-to-be as a reminder to take care of her solat but also of how much her husband-to-be loves her and is worthy of becoming a leader to her family.

So what is the best telekung out there that can serve such a purpose as to be a hantaran gift? Well, let’s dive in for more information.

The first telekung brand that comes into mind is the exceedingly well known Telekung Siti Khadijah. This telekung brand is famous for their high quality product, ensuring maximum comfort levels and a face area that will fit nearly everyone’s face shape and size. It is most definitely the perfect hantaran for a bride who values quality and practicality. They have two types of collections; the Classic and the Harmony. Both make very lovely gifts for a new bride.

Take for example their The Prayer Outfit 4.1 Classic that comes in about five gorgeous colours. There’s pink, almond-pink, almond-peach, grey-dark purple, and grey-navy blue. Whichever colour you choose, anything from Siti Khadijah is a perfect gift that will definitely convey the message of everlasting love and care.

Another telekung that makes a lovely hantaran gift is the TEA otherwise known as Telekung Era Alem. Their products come in a variety of soft lovely colours and designs; all ultra-feminine and sweet. One can’t help but be reminded of a flower garden when you browse the designs.

Their Premium collection has thirty options to choose from ranging from a multitude of colours from soft baby blue to pink to dark as night black. The telekung is usually decorated with lovely lace borders and pretty embroidery. This is definitely a telekung for the sweet and kind wife-to-be.

Finally, a telekung for the more vivacious future wife would be a telekung from the Telekung Kareful. With plenty of designs to choose from, their Chic telekung collection is definitely one for the outspoken and clever minded future wife.

Here is a telekung with beautiful printed floral designs with a multitude of colour combos. And if you want to opt for a more subdued colour scheme, one can always purchase the Humaera Cotton Collection.

These telekungs come in lovely muted colours such as Antique Pink, Azure Blue, Suave Purple and more. What are you waiting for? Go get the perfect hantaran for your wife to be now!


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Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

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