Have you met MYSA? - Zaahara's modest fashion line

Have you met MYSA? - Zaahara's modest fashion line

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Salam dearies,

Just like most of you, I'm a born-Muslim. I practiced the religion as a routine at first, following what was taught by the ustaz and ustazahs (i.e religious teachers) in school. And then one day, I woke up, wanting to embrace the religion deeper. This was almost 10 years ago (just 2 years before Zaahara was born).

The journey for me is a pretty slow one. So I started with the hijab and wearing long sleeves. A many years down the road (told ya it's a pretty slow one), I improved bit by bit. I wanted to wear something a bit more loose, something that covers my bum, no more 3/4 sleeves. So I resort to long cardigan, and also wearing my husband's long sleeve tshirt lol.

Mysa Top by Zaahara

I've been struggling to be honest. I noticed that I became more and more aunty-looking (i.e makcik) and more selekeh-looking.  And it didn't help with my self-confidence. To add on to it, after being a mom of two little kids, I sometimes feel like I've lost my identity. I rant in the morning when I can't find the right attire to wear, sometimes even cry (during those months, you know). It was really hard to find the right modest attire that suits me - just simple but nice looking modest attire, and most importantly comfy and practical!

So we've decided to launch the brand ARA, in hopes to solve my problem, and yours too - all of you busy on-the-go Muslim ladies, who are consistently striving to be better Muslims everyday. 

And MYSA here, is our very first set, that is now being re-produced again, in other colours. 

Mysa Top by ARA

We've also got a line-up of more comfy and practical modest wear coming in 2021 InsyaAllah. But first, I would like to thank those of who have been suggesting that we start a modest-wear line, and for sharing all your feedback in your daily struggles as on-the-go Muslim women. Thank you, for believing in the brand 


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