Is wearing hijab sufficient enough?

Is wearing hijab sufficient enough?

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As Muslims, we know that our place on Earth is only temporary. We believe that there is a life after death known as the afterlife. In addition to that, we also believe in a greater and more peaceful place compared to Earth which is paradise. There is also another place that Muslims believe in which is called hell. What we do here on Earth determines where we would go in the afterlife. If we do good deeds and abide by Allah SWT’s rules and regulations, inshaAllah we would be placed in Jannah (paradise). However, if we do bad things while we are on the test, then we might end up in hell fire.

No one in their right minds would want to be put in hell. The thought itself is scary enough. Therefore, if we do not want to be in hell, then we should try our best to do good while we are here on Earth. There are the five pillars of Islam and Iman that every Muslims have to perform. But there is one rule that is only applied to females and that rule is to cover our heads.

Not all Muslim females abide by this rule. Nevertheless, the number of Muslim females that do wear the headscarf is more than the ones that do not. But then again, is wearing the hijab sufficient enough to get us (Muslim women) in Jannah?

In all honesty, we believe that wearing the hijab is not sufficient enough. Just because you cover your head, that does not mean you will enter paradise. In fact, most Muslim women still do not truly understand what it means to properly wear the hijab.

We have seen some women wear the hijab to cover their hair but then they are also wearing short sleeve t-shirts. What is this monstrosity? How did they think that it is acceptable for them to pair their hijab with a short sleeve t-shirt? The female aurah is their entire body excluding their face and their two hands and in Islam, we are required to cover our aurahs. So, what is the point of covering your head, but then exposing your arms? This is a very common mistake done by a lot of Muslim women.

There are some women who wear the hijab but do not cover their hair properly. Somehow these women think that it is fine or that it is a trend to expose a little bit of their baby hair on their foreheads. Where is the logic in that?

Most girls think that wearing a hijab is sufficient enough. They think that they are covering their aurahs enough. This is not true of course. Imagine if you wear the hijab with a blouse that is too thin or too transparent. If you wear these kinds of blouses without wearing hand-socks or an inner to cover your aurahs, then you are NOT covering your aurahs!

Besides hand-socks and inners, there is something called the SOCKS! A lot of Muslim women tend to wear the hijab and do cover their aurahs properly except for their feet. They leave the house and go to public areas without wearing any socks to cover their feet. Most of them take this matter lightly when in fact, they should not!

We are all humans and we are nowhere near perfect. We all commit mistakes and we are all sinful. But we can try to improve ourselves and make a change. Start out with something simple like covering our aurahs PROPERLY. Take baby steps. InshaAllah, we will become better!


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