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5 Reasons Why Telekung Bandung Is So Popular

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As Muslimah who pray, one cannot avoid using the telekung. When we go outside to pray at a public surau, we will have to put on a telekung and the same goes for when you are at home. The telekung is never far from our thoughts when we are making haste to perform our solat. And because of such high demand, the telekung market has practically exploded with emergence of high end brands like Siti Khadijah, TEA , Kareful, Mia Mikhail, Zaahara and many more. However, aside from just local brands and local types of telekung, how about venturing into our international neighbour, the Indonesians’ telekung? Specifcally, let us explore the world of telekung Bandung.

One of the main reasons why the telekung bandung is growing fast in its popularity is due to the fact that you can get in Bandung, Indonesia. Indonesia, unlike the distant and exotic lands of the west, is much nearer and more familiar to our very own country. Most of the people there are Malay and there are many Muslims living there with plenty of halal food to consume.

Hence, it is unsurprising that there are many of us who would rather travel to Indonesia than to a country like the US or Australia. It is also a lot cheaper to travel to Indonesia than European countries. And because of the high percentage of the population being Muslims themselves, it makes sense why many of us would want to visit a place like bandung for the wide assortment of telekung. Imagine taking a break, going on holiday to a beautiful place like Bandung and shopping for gorgeous telekung. Doesn’t that sound like an adventure waiting to happen?

Besides being a fun shopping experience in a different country, telekung bandung is also great to purchase because of its very low and affordable price. When you take one of our high end telekung brands like Siti Khadijah and you compare its price with the ones you can find in Bandung, the difference can probably induce you into an epileptic fit. No kidding!

The prices of telekung bandung vary depending on the material and quality of its make but basically the prices range from 100, 000rp to 120,000rp which if you convert to our own currency is merely going to come up to about 30 to 40 Malaysian Ringgit! Sound like a good deal? It doesn’t end there. Most everyone who has shopped in Bandung for the telekung will tell you that you cannot settle for its given price. You should obviously haggle for a better price when you encounter these vendors. You have to be smart about haggling too and constantly try to get the seller to lower down the price to the amount you want. If you are good, the vendor could lower down the original price to up to 70% discount!

Another reason why telekung bandung is so sought after is because there are just so many designs to choose from. From the plain as can be white telekung to the colours of each hue found in the rainbow spectrum to the whites, creams and beiges with gorgeously made lace and embroidery. Some have embroidery that decorate the edges of the telekung and some have them decorate the back and front of the telekung. There are those that have pretty coloured lace or embroidery embellishing the head part of the telekung. Indeed, just from the plethora of colours and designs to choose from, one will simply go cross eyed searching for the telekung that your heart desires.

The fourth reason why telekung bandung is spreading its influence everywhere is because the telekung is made from all kinds of material that is comfortable and lovely to the touch. You have telekung made of cotton, cotton rayon, cotton roselle, japan, paris, and even exquitely made silk telekung. There are plenty more types of materials to choose from and one can truly go bonkers thinking about the choices you have. This is truly a haven for those Muslimah who are particular about the kind of cloth they use and want maximum comfort. One shouldn’t ever have to worry about scratchy or stiff cloths adorning your body is you shop in Bandung for a telekung.


Finally, the reason why telekung bandung is fast becoming the first choice of many a lady as a prayer dress is because they also come in small sizes for our little ones. Plenty of us Muslims want our children to start praying even before they hit puberty as it is a good way to make them practise a compulsory practise of Islam. So, for our daughters, it’s a good thing for us to buy them some sweet little telekung for them to start praying. Of course, you can purchase children’s telekung in Malaysia too but why waste so much money on children’s wear when you know that soon they will outgrow them? Therefore, telekung bandung is clearly the obvious choice here.

Article is written by: 

Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

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