Of Royalty and dUCks - A tale for every woman

Of Royalty and dUCks - A tale for every woman

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What is more exciting than the hottest new trend? We have on one hand, dUCkscarves that are hugely popular and on the other, the royalty from Brunei, Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah. This time, we're going to look at a combination of the latest hot new thing and someone who comes from an esteemed line of royalty. 

Princess Sarah and Vivy Yusof apparently teamed up to create the newest and most exquisite scarves yet. Naming them The Royal dUCk, these scarves are ultimately gorgeous and lovingly made. This is a product of beauty and elegance, of sophistication and feminine independence, of grace and royal decorum. Truly an artwork worthy for every woman who fancies a taste of all that and more. 

This spectacular new product came into development when these two amazing Muslimah got together and brainstormed for an idea. Both women have mentioned how the other was wonderful to work with. Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah exclaimed how they were both inspired of the other’s ideas and simply worked to build on those. They wanted to make a collection that spoke to every woman out there; as a product that encompasses womanhood.

The Royal dUCk incorporates five elements into their designs; a wheel, the grid of a sports racquet, flowers, bees and diamonds. Each element represents something that Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah holds dear to herself and something that she hopes other women can come to hold dear as well. 

The wheel symbolises Her Royal Highness’ love for cycling as well as doubling as a symbol of independence. The grid of the sports racquet, however, is there to represent Princess Sarah’s belief that women should strive to be fit and healthy. The flowers printed onto the scarves are hydrangeas and they are apparently the princess’ absolute favourites.

As flowers, they are meant to reflect femininity and grace. The bees are there to show a sense of teamwork and unity as the princess is also a firm believer that women should help each other out as often as we can.

One woman’s success shouldn’t be the envy of another and having a shoulder to lean is definitely something all women should have with each other. The diamonds are there to symbolise as sense of style and sophistication.

Princess Sarah is of the opinion that women must only share compassionate words with each other as well as gleam brightly together.

According to the princess, she was incredibly moved by everyone's effort to make The Royal Duck a successful product. She explained how these scarves are a work from two women who come together, respect one another and are inspired of each other's work. Here are scarves made to represent all the facets of women hood; from the strong minded and opinionated ones, to the soft and demure ladies, The Royal Duck is sure to please almost every Muslimah. 

The Royal Duck scarves are a limited edition item that is only available for a short time. Malaysians only ever got to pre-order up to 12th of April. Each scarf was selling at the impressive price of RM600 and the bag at RM190. This is indeed a dUCkscarves you won't wanna miss and you’d want to keep as a collector’s item.


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Nur Jalilah Binti Abdul Aziz, freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include blog writing, academic writing and creative writing.

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