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Post-Ramadan Blues

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It has been a few months since the Holy Month of Ramadan was blessed upon us, and it seems as if we are losing a bit of that spirit along with it. Some may still have the spirit strongly embedded in them, but I will admit, I have had some challenges that have gotten me down. And I have noticed, I have my iman has not been as strong as it once was in Ramadan.


Now these are typical feelings and trials that we all go through. In life, our iman will have its ups and downs. Some times we will have the iman and will that is so strong that it can carry us through anything whereas some times our iman feels low and we feel upset about it. It is obvious that the two are inter-related. With a lower iman, we feel as if something is missing. And this is what I felt after Ramadan was over.


It is not something to beat yourself up for. It is the normal course of life and it is also just another trial and tribulation given to us by Allah (s.w.t). With the departure of Ramadan : Allah (s.w.t) is testing our faith and our iman. He is testing our taqwa. Therefore the feelings that some of us have (of losing touch with Islam and Allah (s.w.t)) is just another sign for us to strengthen in our deeds for Allah (s.w.t). These include prayers, duas, dhikir and charity.


Just because Ramadan is over, it does not mean that we can or we should return to our previous ways. Ramadan is just a means of showing us just how beautiful the strength (that Allah (s.w.t) gave us) is. How strong we were to get up in the morning to not only pray Fajr but for Sahur. How strong we were to stand the night in prayers for Tarawih and Tahhajjud. How strong we were to withhold our bodies from food and drink. It is a reminder of how strong Allah (s.w.t) made us and with the right intentions : how much more strength He provides for us. Ramadan is a month to show you just how much you can do to strength your faith and your iman.


Ramadan was a glorious month that taught us patience. It taught us about our religion and our characters. It taught us how to be better and how to act better. Let us not throw those lessons into the wind. We can all be better if we set our minds to it. Therefore, all these feelings of losing touch with faith after Ramadan are all tests from Allah (s.w.t). A test to show how strongly our love, trust and worship lies with Allah (s.w.t). And believe me brothers and sisters : the glory and joy you should feel when you stand before Allah (s.w.t) and He smiles upon your devotion and your success in passing this test.


Therefore, whenever you feel like you are lost or you feeling detached from your faith : never look too far to fix it. It is simply in the acts of worship. Pray on time, pray more. Make genuine dua, make long and honest duas. Give more to those in need. And also, if you are willing to : fast and ask Allah (s.w.t) for guidance. For if you remember Him, He will remember you. And He will ease the burden and strengthen your iman.


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