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Wedding Essentials

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Weddings are a celebration of two people’s love for each other. It is a beautiful ceremony where friends and family gather together to honour and give their blessings for the newlyweds’ journey of marriage. Some weddings are done in a grand manner as in the wedding is held at a luxurious and expensive place while other weddings are done in a much simpler fashion where the place of event did not cost much. Weddings can be done in whatever way you like it. No matter how grand or how simple your wedding is, it is still a marvelous occasion to be in.

Guests who attend the wedding would only come on the day of the event. So, they would not know the hardship and troublesome the married couple and their families had to go through to actually make their dream wedding turn into a reality. We are going to make it easy for you readers out there that plan on getting married anytime soon. We are going to share with you some of the items that you need to get or buy for your wedding day in the future. Since we are all Muslims here, our list of items is referring to a Muslim wedding and we are also assuming that most of our readers are Malaysian, so our list is also referring to a Malay wedding.

In Malaysia, there are a few steps that a couple need to do before actually having a wedding reception. You need to attend a pre-marriage course, do a HIV blood test, set a date for the akad nikah and wedding and others. Once you get all that done, you can plan out your wedding reception. The question is, what do you need for your wedding?

Our number one item on our list is hantaran. Hantaran is when you buy stuff like perfumes, Quran, telekung, sejadah, shoes, fruits, cakes and many more and later exchange gifts to your future spouse. After this step is done, you need to purchase and order your wedding card in advance prior to your wedding. These wedding cards need to be sent out to all your guest you wish to invite for your wedding. If these cards are not sent to your guest in time, then Houston we have a problem!

The next item is you have to hire a professional makeup artist to do your make up and turn you into a princess on your wedding day. Once that is settled, you can start thinking about what to wear on the day of the wedding. Your wedding dress you choose must make you look like the BOMB! After that, food is very important for a wedding. You need food to serve your guests. Get yourself a good caterer who can provide you and your guests with good food. The sixth item would be a decorator. You have to hire a decorator to decorate your wedding and not forgetting your pelamin. A great decorator can transform a simple place to an extravagant one. Lastly, on your wedding day itself, you need to give your guests door gifts and what is more traditional than bunga telur.

That’s all we have on our list. Hope this list of ours helps you with your wedding plans!

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