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Posted by Erina Ellias on

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has always used the miswak (or sometimes known as siwak) as a means to brush his teeth. No toothpaste is needed. Just cut of the top part of the twig and the bristles and natural minerals that come with twig will do its job.

Many times Muslims are encouraged to practice this sunnah, however, many just look at it as a conventional method of brushing their teeth. Until, this happens....

Sometimes, its about putting things into the right perspective (or maybe right advert!). Just like having the beard, this is perceived as something cool, modern, a healthy alternative as compared to those zillions chemicals that exists in your toothpaste.

And they're selling at £3.90! You can get them here in Malaysia for at a much cheaper price definitely. 

I wonder if this company is a Muslim company. Nevertheless, dear Muslims, when are you going to start practicing the sunnah of using the miswak? Forget about those whitening chemicals, go natural!






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