5 Reasons you should not buy a cheap telekung

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Telekung is one thing that is vital every Muslim woman should have in their lives. We need telekung to wear when we pray. Telekung is the most appropriate attire for us to use while praying. It covers our bodies and aurahs properly and thoroughly.

The good quality type telekungs are usually not tight nor body hugging. When we say good quality we actually mean non-cheap ones. Because let us face it, the cheap ones are always not that great compared to the pricey ones. As we all know, the pricey ones are branded. When the telekungs are branded, obviously they are made out of good-quality material.

We are not trying to offend anyone here with this post because we know that some of you out there cannot afford a pricey telekung due to being low in cash or some might be going through a financial crisis at this time. We understand what you are going through. However, for those of you who can afford pricey yet high branded telekungs, we highly advice and recommend you to buy yourself a good pricey telekung. We know for a fact that you would not regret owning one.

Some of you might be wondering why we would say this but do not worry, we will inform you of the reason behind our statement. Today, we would like to tell you readers of the 5 reasons why we think you should not buy a cheap telekung.

First of, the main problem that you will face if you do decide to buy a cheap telekung is that the cheap ones are probably brand less, so the choices of colours are somewhat limited. Most of the time, the brand less prayer wears would come in white colour or maybe just the basic range of colours which include black and brown. Also, the designs on the prayer wear would most likely be hideous or too simple to look at.

The second reason is that once you buy a cheap prayer wear and want to wash it for the first time, the colouring might go off. It is fine if the colour goes off if you wash your telekung on its own but if you put your telekung and your other clothes in the washing machine together, then do not be surprise when your other clothes changes their colours.

Thirdly, most cheap telekungs do not fit your face shape perfectly. Sometimes in order to make the face part of your telekung to fit accurately, you need to put a pin on and sometimes your face is too big to fit in, then you might need to open a few stitches. We can assure you that you would not experience this kind of problem if you purchase a branded prayer wear.

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy a cheap telekung is the quality. Most of them are made from bad quality materials. They are soft and smooth to wear. When you do use it for prayers, it is not as cooling and breezy as the good quality telekungs. You would definitely sweat and you would get uncomfortable after a while.

The final reason is that you would be wasting your money if you buy a cheap telekung. Think about it, if you buy a cheap telekung and it gets ruined, you would have to buy a new telekung. If your new telekung is also cheap and it gets ruined as well, you would have to do the same thing again and again.

You are better off if you spend your money on a good branded telekung in the first place. A good branded telekung would lasts longer than a cheap one.

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