5 criteria in selecting a new telekung

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Telekung is a necessary piece of clothing every Muslim girl should have in their house. Telekung is a two-piece clothing one wears to pray. Buying the perfect telekung is a hard thing to do.

Most of the times, people tend to buy the wrong type of telekungs which is very unfortunate if you ask us. When picking out the right telekung to buy, we should always think of telekung like all the other stuff we buy and how we followed our criteria when we bought those things.

For example, when we want to purchase a new phone. We would probably look at its model; whether or not it’s the latest model. The design of the phone could be a criteria also. Some want a simple looking phone while others might desire a more stunning design for their phones. For those who loves and enjoys taking selfies or pictures, then a good quality camera would be a thing that you are concerned about. Well, we should think like this when we want to buy a new telekung.

Here are 5 criteria in selecting the right telekung for yourselves. The first on the list is the colour. We know most of you are quite bored with the basic colours like white, black, grey or brown. Some of us actually like bright colours or pastel colours and we want our telekungs to come in those lively and sweet colours. You would be really satisfied once you own a telekung of your preferred colour choice.

The next criteria would be the design. The design is a crucial thing to think of when selecting a telekung. Some designs are too die for. Many telekung brands are coming out with various beautiful designs that are designed for different age groups. There are sweet and cute designs for younger girls, then there are the flowery and patterned designs for the young adults and lastly, there are elegant and mature designs for women. Why would one buy a dull looking telekung when one can a pretty looking telekung?

Moving on to the third criteria which is the size of the telekung. It is safe to say that everyone faces this problem. The skirt part of the telekung might be too long for some short and petite girls whereas for girls who are tall and big, the skirt might be too short or too tight. If the skirt is too short, then the girls would have no choice but to go to their tailors and add some more cloths on their skirts and if the skirt is too long, then some of it has to be cut off.

Fourthly, the material of the telekung has to be of good quality. When you wear a telekung, you wish that you could be as comfortable as you can be. Well, with a telekung that is made out of good quality cotton, lycra or any other good materials, you would be comfortable as ever. You could also feel the cool breeze and would not sweat underneath a good quality telekung as you would if you use a bad quality telekung.

The final criteria to think of is the price of the telekung. You don’t want to spend a lot of your money on a telekung and let it go to waste. Some telekungs are so expensive yet it’s not that pretty or it’s not from good quality material. Some telekungs are too cheap that you start to doubt whether you should buy it or not. Our advice is to buy a telekung that you feel suits you best and that you can afford.

Now that you know what to look for when selecting a telekung, you can go find the perfect telekung for yourself!

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