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ZAAHARA SOLAT KIT - the new norm in 2020 and beyond

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The new norm requires all of us to bring our own prayer wear and prayer mats to the surau and the masjids. Here's a quick solution: Bring Your Own (BYO) Prayer Kit! All in a bag and good to go!

Solat safe bag for men


The solat safe bag for men comprise of sejadah (prayer mat), kain pelikat (sarong), and face mask. This will ensure that the man can perform their prayer in the masjid. There are rules in Malaysia whereby if you don't bring your own sejadah and face mask, you will not be allowed to go to the masjid to perform your prayer especially your Friday prayer.

Prayer kit for woman

This is an option for the ladies. However, there are some who chose Telekung Sofia as that prayer set already comprise of Telekung Travel and also face sejadah.


Telekung Sofia comes with the prayer mat

You may consider getting all these prayer kits for yourself and also to be given as a gift.


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