Story behind Mia Mikhail telekung

Story behind Mia Mikhail telekung

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There are many online luxurious telekung brands in Malaysia. Most of the telekung brands have made a name of themselves because each brand actually have their own signature look. But have you girls ever wondered who started it all and which brand was the first? You girls are in for a story today because we will share with you the real story of how the telekung brand Mia Mikhail came into existence.

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For your information, Mia Mikhail is considered the pioneer of multi-coloured telekungs. Before it came along, the telekung brands that were available in Malaysia did not sell or create telekungs that come in various colours. Mia Mikhail was the first to do so! The name of this high-end telekung brand was inspired by the founder’s own son’s name, Maher Mikhail. So, what is the story behind Mia Mikhail telekung?

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Mia Mikhail Collection was founded by Nik Farhana Nik Mokhtar and her two sisters, Nik Nurhidayah and Nik Noor Jehan. It all started off when Nik Farhana decided to do something different after experiencing a downfall from her career. Nik Farhana had a degree in architecture from the International Islamic University Malaysia or also known as UIAM. She began her career as an architect and as time went by, things went badly. Hence, Nik Farhana decided to do her own business by selling telekung online. Her sisters decided to help her out with her business as they knew she needed their moral and spiritual support to make it through.

At first, the Mokhtar sisters are very ambitious and professional. Even though they did not have any education on business, they knew how to grab society’s attention. All they had to do was create and designed coloured telekungs. They had hope that their product would be a hit because they knew that no other brand did this. They had the idea to come up with coloured telekungs due to gaining knowledge and experience from travelling the world. The Mokhtar sisters wanted to be the first to sell coloured telekungs in Malaysia.

Nik Farhana stated once that when she first started the business, she was praying that she could sell at least thirty telekungs within a day. But as time progresses, the demand of the telekungs had increased. The number of customers she had had also increased. The Mokhtar sisters were so happy and delighted that their business was a huge hit.

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When Mia Mikhail first launched back in the year 2012, it had only seven different coloured telekungs. Now, it has expanded the number up to forty different colours. Another interesting fact about how Mia Mikhail came to be is that in the beginning, Nik Farhana started this online telekung business with only RM5000 in her hands. And now look how far her brand has gone to!

As a matter of fact, Mia Mikhail Collection is not just selling in Malaysia. It has expanded its business even to Australia! Yes, you read that right. AUSTRALIA!! We are pretty sure they are not going to stop there. Do not be surprise if years from now Mia Mikhail Collection is known throughout the entire world. Nothing can stop these three sisters.




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