Do you know what is inside the typical Muslimah handbag?

Do you know what is inside the typical Muslimah handbag?

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Put aside the word muslimah for a second and just think about the general things that most women would bring and have in their handbags. Most women would probably have their wallets where they can put their money, their identification card, their driver’s license and maybe even their credit cards - yes, I am looking at you girls who loves shopping.

Other popular items that could be found in a woman’s handbag would be a packet of tissues, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a set of house or car keys, a just in case sanitary towel (this is when you are expecting a visit soon for your time of the month) and you could possibly find a pen or two just in case us girls need to write anything down while we are on the go.

To those of you who are into makeup and wears makeup would bring along their makeup set in their bags which include stuff like powder, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner and many other makeup things you need in order to touch-up your face later.

Now that we generally know what most ladies would carry in their bags, let us talk about what a true muslimah would have in her handbag. In this post, we shall give you the 5 most essential items any genuine muslimah should and would carry in their bags. The first on the list is of course the telekung.

If you are a true muslimah who is concern of your prayers and would pray 5 times a day without a fail, then you would probably pray even when you are still outside doing who knows what. For example, you are going out shopping and it is during the zuhur prayer time, you have no choice but to pray at the mall’s mosque. Sometimes, the mosque is crowded by people who are using the telekung provided by the mosque and there are no telekungs left. It is much easier if you bring your own telekung; you can use it and straight away pray.


Next thing that should be in a muslimah’s bag is hand socks. Just in case you forgot to bring your telekung in your purse then having hand socks is the next best thing. You can use your hand socks to cover your arms properly if you need to pray outside and you are stuck in the similar situation before -where there are no telekungs left to use.

Thirdly, a muslimah should carry socks too. Socks qould come in handy also when you have run out of telekungs. You can always use socks to cover your feet when praying.

The fourth item is actually a set. One wouldn’t work without the other. It is a toothbrush and toothpaste. Most of us go out to eat at restaurants or cafes and when we do eat, some of the food can get stuck in between your teeth. If you have to pray outside, you need your toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your teeth thoroughly before you make your wudhu’.

Finally, the last item that a muslimah would bring is her handphone. Her handphone should also have the praying app where you’ll get a notification informing you when it’s time to pray and shows you where the kiblat’s direction is.

There you have it, all the important items that can be found in a muslimah’s handbag. If you want to become a muslimah, you can start now!

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