The must have packing checklist for hajj /umrah

The must have packing checklist for hajj /umrah

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To most of you who are first timer in performing umrah/ hajj, there must certainly be a feeling of excitement and also nervous. The most common problem that we always hear is “what do I bring to the holy land?”.

Yes, we understand that there must be confusion in what to bring. Is this a holiday? Is this a spiritual journey and thus everything must be white since it symbolize purity and Sunnah?

In order to solve this problem, our team has conducted an extensive research and we believe to have finally come with a list of packing list that is easy to follow.


There are a few sections that is easy to follow:

  1. Must haves
  2. General Must Haves
  3. Mens specific
  4. Women Specific

This is based on what is given by but feel free to add on if you have other items that is a necessity.

At, we provide items in the section 3 and section 4.

For section 3, we have Ihram. Ihram for men is basically comprise of two piece of white towels.

For section 4, we have Telekung or also known as mukena,, the prayer wear, kimar or also ihram. Telekung is a well known prayer wear in South East Asia especially Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and also Thailand. It is a specific garment meant for prayer and it covers the aurah accordingly.

What is important when chosing the telekung/ihram is the materials being used. In Saudi, the hot weather can reach up to 40 degrees and therefore it is advisable for the pilgrim to wear something cooling to protect from the heat.

Hajj / Umrah packing list must have


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