The story behind dUCKscarves that you might not know

The story behind dUCKscarves that you might not know

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As we all know dUCkscarves was founded by the famous fashion blogger and icon Vivy Yusof back in 2014 when it was first launched. It is considered as a luxury brand and has gotten worldwide attention ever since it came out. But some of you might be wondering how exactly did dUCkscarves came to be. Well, say bye-bye to your wonderings because you have come to the right place. We will give you the four-one-one on the real story behind the high-end brand for scarves.


 dUCkscarves was created mainly to promote the idea that scarf-wearing should be a celebrated act among women regardless of their religion. Scarf-wearing should be celebrated even by women who are free haired. This was the ultimate goal for Vivy in creating her dUckscaves brand.

However, Vivy did not have the same belief as this previously. Yup, for your information, Vivy Yusof was also once a free haired woman. Can you believe it, Vivy who is the face of dUCkscarves, a hijab brand, once never wore the hijab? Ironic, right? Well, there is a saying and it goes a little like this, “People can change.”

In her younger years, Vivy had a different perspective on hijab. She did mention in an interview that she has always had the intention of wearing the hijab but had never thought when exactly she was going to do that. She further explained that her mother would often advise her to wear the hijab and she would consider making that change but never pulled through with it.

Vivy Yusof has a powerful following due to her blogging. Besides her mother, her fans would also politely ask her when she will make the transition. Vivy would accept their advises wholeheartedly because she knew how her fans loved her but never really leaped towards the change.

Until one day, Vivy received an email from a fan of hers. She stated that the fan’s way of advising her was extremely nice and somehow her fans’ words touched her inner heart.


Vivy was tremendously amazed that this particular fan of hers was even younger than she was and is already wearing the scarf. This young lady’s words moved Vivy so much that Vivy felt she was about to cry as she was reading the email on her phone. Immediately after reading it, the newly mother of one desperately purchased a few scarves on her own online shopping website, FashionValet, and tried wearing them just to see how it felt like.

After trying one of the scarves on, she went out with her husband and surprisingly, she loved it. From then on, she never looked back.

dUCkscarves came to be when Vivy thought of what better way to get desirable scarves than to create her own line. This way the scarves will be based on her preference. The quality, the colour and the design of the scarves are made to cater for Vivy’s wishes and other women’s as well.

Vivy turned her dream into a reality and launched dUckscarves in 2014. So, that is the story behind the trendy luxury brand dUckscarves’ existence.

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