10 Popular Hijabistas Fashion Instagram accounts to follow in 2017

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Instagram is considered an app where people can communicate and interact with one another. Everyone is joining Instagram now. Simply put, if you want to socialize and get in touch with people or celebrities, Instagram is a must have app for you.

Speaking of celebrities, there are many hijabistas you can see on Instagram. Although technically hijabistas are not celebrities to be exact, but most of them are bloggers or YouTubers who got their fame from…well blogging and YouTubing of course. Duh!

Moving on, we will tell you the 10 popular hijabistas you need to follow this year and we’ll divide the list into two. The first 5 would be Malaysian hijabistas and the other 5 would be hijabistas from around the world. By the way, this list of ours is in random order.

  1. Vivy Yusof

Vivy Yusof is known for FashionValet and dUCkscarves. Before that, Vivy was already famous as a blogger. Her Instagram page is full with pictures of ootds (outfit of the day pictures), her business life and her personal life. Her Instagram name is @vivyyusof


2. Hana Tajima –


this young designer converted to Islam at the age of seventeen. She is of Japanese and English descent. In 2015, she made a collaboration with UNIQLO as a designer to launch a Muslimah womenswear. She loves to show off her unique fashion styles on her Instagram page and you can follow her @hntaj

3. Farah Hanim Razak –

Farah is a young Malaysian model and TV host for TV Alhijrah and is of mixed blood. She has a flawless face and a fabulous sense of style. Her Instagram page is full of selfies and pictures of her at work. Follow her @farahanimrazak

4. Nur Rafiza Abdul Talib –

Rafiza or better known as Jaja got her fame from entering a reality program title Pencarian Nona Manis. After that program ended, she became a Muslimah model. Her Instagram contains tons of selfies and her modeling photos. You can see for yourself @jajatalib

5. Siti Syasya Rosaelmi Binti Ahmad –

Syasya Solero got her fame from her video that went viral. Remember the video where the girl said “Macam cantik je, macam comel je”. Well, that was her. Back then she didn’t wear the hijab, but now she does. Do follow her @asyalliee

6. Ascia Al Faraj –

Ascia is a Kuwaiti fashion blogger and designer. She also does some modeling on the side. Her husband and her began their own YouTube channel in 2014 called ‘The Hybrids’. She is very fashionable and beautiful. Her Instagram name is @ascia_akf

7. Dina Torkia –

Dina is half English and half Egyptian. She is a fashion blogger, YouTuber and hijabi model. Follow her @dinatokio

8. Dalal Aldoub –

Dalal is from Kuwait. She is one of the famous stylish hijabistas. She loves to share with her followers on Instagram her outfits. If you need any beauty advices, you can follow her @dalalid
9. Ruba Zai -

This Dutch lady is a YouTube star and a fashion guru. She loves to upload tutorials on how to wear hijabs on her YouTube page. Her style is very unique. Do follow her @hijabhills
10. Sahar Foad –

Sahar is an Egyptian. She is a prominent model for a Muslimah brand in Egypt. Her Instagram has a lot of ootds. If you don’t believe us, check her Instagram page at @saharfoad


So there you have it. 10 popular Instagram accounts you need to follow this year. As a matter of fact, not just this year; you should follow them every year!






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