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Hijabi's Trends in 2017

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Living in a modern world where most young women are fashion conscious and constantly on the lookout for the trendiest new ‘it’ thing can be quite difficult for hijabis. Just because one chooses to wear a hijab and dress modestly doesn’t mean that we are not into fashion or do not care about dressing well.

I think the top trends of 2017 has got to be the muted colours of oversized shirts that women wear for outings. Simply look up on pinterest tags like hijabi casual wear or trendy hijabis and you will find a barrage of pictures with hijabis dressed in oversized shirts that come in all the muted shades of blue, navy, white, cream, beige and so on.

Sometimes the women even wear striped oversized shirts and this gives the outfit a little more “extra” to look at. This sort of look is best worn when going out to the mall or just by the lake for a picnic with friends. It also gives off this sense of warmth and comforting feelings because the fact that it’s oversized and not skin tight makes it look extremely comfortable. It is casual yet stylish so a lot of young women choose to wear it for normal day wear.

Another fashionable trend for hijabis everywhere is to wear a lovely long floral printed maxi dress. This sort of look is more suitable for a more extravagant affair such as a proper dinner with the family at a restaurant or an open house event. It could also be worn to some kenduri if you don’t want to opt for the more traditional kebaya or baju kurung.

The floral prints usually give off a very elegant and sophisticated air surrounding its wearer and paired with a lovely head scarf and some heels the look is sure to wow others wherever you go.

Another new trend that has developed over the span of the last couple of years is the long cardigan. This trend has obviously lasted up until 2017 and why not considering how good it makes all the ladies who wear it. Those who are slim or thin look lovely in long cardigans as the material is billowy and drapes over you in a most elegant way whereas if you were a little fluffy you’d still look very nice because the long flowy material emphasis your length as well as help cover up all the problem areas.

The look is suited if you’re planning to go somewhere indoors and air conditioned as everyone in the incredibly hot country known as Malaysia would know that to wear cardigans outside on a hot day is basically a death wish.

The next trend I would like to talk about would be the overalls. Many women in the 80s and 90s who wore the hijab considered overalls to be a clothing item of the yesteryears; when you were little girls running around chasing after your older brothers. Not today in 2017 though. Most young hijabis are starting to wear overalls as a casual-go-to outfit. Much like the sophisticated pantsuit in terms of design, the overalls are a one-piece long piece of clothing that you throw over a long sleeved blouse or shirt.

The look you get when combined with a shawl is very nice as it makes the wearer look like they’re ready to take on the day whilst at the same time get their hair done, their manicures checked and indulge in a lovely cup of llaollao frozen yogurt.

In addition to that, the latest hot trend is to wear printed long pants and skirt paired up with a plain coloured top. This look is once again casual but it makes you look oh-so incredibly chic. The long skirts and pants can of a floral print nature or striped or chequered. It really makes the plain top pop out more if you could colour coordinate and match the colour scheme.

Let’s imagine a pair of black pants with diagonal white stripes then obviously the top would have to be in white so that the stripes really stand out against the black of the pants. The same with the floral prints. If let’s say the roses on your skirt are a dusky pink then you need to pair it up with a dusky pink blouse or shirt as well. Your outfit is sure to turn heads if you colour coordinate well.

Last but not least, the latest trend of 2017 is wearing belts or a sash tied around your long cardigan or oversized shirt. This look makes the wearer look very elegant and chic as the sash and belt can be very complimentary to the whole look.

It also makes the fluffier ladies look a bit slimmer and that is always a good thing. The best belts to use are those thin, corded or braided looking ones with neutral colours like brown, black or white. They really give off an air of casual elegance that a lot of young hijabis really strive for these days.

So there you go, a few trendy things that most hijabis have opted for this year. Remember ladies, that to dress modestly is a must for us Muslimah so despite the fact that we can be fashion conscious ourselves that doesn’t mean that we should abandon the teachings of Islam. ‘Til next time, assalamualaikum.

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