Top 10 Halal Places To Eat In Pakistan

Top 10 Halal Places To Eat In Pakistan

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Have you ever tried delectable Pakistani cuisine? The spicy and aromatic Pakistani dishes leave a lasting impact on our taste buds. Tourists coming from various parts of the world enjoy the traditional culture as well as the renowned food of Pakistan. 

Whether you head towards the northern areas or visit the south, you can easily find some great places to eat. Since it is a Muslim country, finding halal restaurants is not a challenge.

Almost every other food place offers halal food. However, if you are still in doubt, find a halal restaurant in the following ways: 

How to Find the Best Halal Restaurant in Pakistan? 

Here are a few ways to find the best halal eatery in Pakistan: 

 Search Online 
Since foodies keep searching for the best restaurants, you will find an online presence of almost every food place. Besides this, food bloggers give a decent view of new food spots.

Make sure to check out the latest reviews and ratings. Likewise, you can also join food forums and food groups on social media. Watch videos, look at the menu, and see what people love the most. 

 Ask Friends and Family 

You don’t need to use any other source if you have friends and family in Pakistan. Since dining out is common in this country, your friends can easily guide you about the best places. However, make sure to tell them about what your favorite food line is. 

 Use an App 
If you are on tour, you must be traveling to various places in Pakistan. To save time and effort, try using apps. You may download local food apps to get authentic suggestions of the most popular food spots in town.
Note: While you’re on the app store, download a prayer times application too.

These applications come in handy during travels as they help you keep track of your prayers in a new country.

Now that you know how to find a scrumptious food spot for enjoying Pakistani cuisine. Let me now share my research of the top 10 food places in Pakistan.

They include: 

1- Do Darya Restaurant

Do darya Restaurant Karachih


If you love the sea breeze, prefer ambiance along with food quality, and searching for an authentic Pakistani taste, check out Do Darya, Karachi. People dining in at this food place enjoy the sea view besides having some premium quality food. 

The food street of Do Darya has several restaurants, among which Kolachi tops the list. Other renowned names include Kababjees, Al Habib, Charcoal, and Al Sajjad.

Yes, all of these restaurants are halal. You can find a huge crowd here as people from every nook and corner of Karachi love to visit the place. Here you can have lunch, dinner, buffet, and hi-tea.

People also celebrate small occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement ceremonies here. 

2- Kabul Restaurant 

Kabul Restaurant
Located in the heart of Islamabad, Kabul Restaurant is famous for its flavorsome food. This restaurant provides a variety of kababs, bread, and chutneys.
Along with Pakistani food, you will also find Afghani cuisine here. The famous Afghani bread, beef Afghani kababs, Afghani kababs, and karahi are some outstanding dishes in the Kabul restaurant. 

3- Butt Karhai

Butt Karahi Pakistan

Your trip to Pakistan is incomplete if you don’t enjoy Lahore’s Butt Karhai. Prepared in desi ghee, this famous Karhai available at Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore, is finger-licking good. You have the option to choose from mutton and chicken. They serve it with hot Pakistani tandoori roti, and the taste is unforgettable. 
Be prepared that finding space to sit will be a little difficult, especially if you are going on weekends. But waiting time is worth it. From civilians to politicians and celebrities, everyone visits this place. 

4- Jalil Kabab House 

Jalil Kabab Restaurant Pakistan

Peshawar is famous for its heart-winning dish called Chapli Kababs. If you are finding the best place to eat this famous kabab, there is no other option than Jalil Kabab House.
These kababs are prepared in animal fat, but after the order from the supreme court, many shops are now using cooking oil. But, the authentic recipe requires pure animal fat for frying the kababs. Crispy from the outside and soft from the inside, these melt-in-the-mouth kababs are irresistible!

5- Café De Hunza 

Cafe De Hunza
If you are traveling to Hunza valley and suddenly crave pancakes, walnut cake, or a hot cup of coffee, Café De Hunza is present for you. Yes, this famous cafe provides mouth-watering walnut cake and delicious Kashmiri tea along with other items. 

Inside the café, there is a section of local products from where you can purchase original honey.
Overall, the café looks ideal for breakfast or an evening snack. However, think twice before visiting if you have age-old people with you. There are long wooden stairs from where you need to go

6- Breeze Fish Point 

Breeze Fish Point Pakistan

Hyderabad is a popular city in Pakistan where fish is not considered a winter special. Instead, people of this city love having fish all year round.
Visitors from various parts of the country come to the Breeze Fish Point to enjoy spicy marinated fish. Palla, Rao, Prawns, and Finger Fish are some of the specialties of this food spot. 

7- Bundu Khan 

Bundu Khan

If you are looking for a core Pakistani style halal Bar B Q, Bundu Khan is the best option. Located in Faisalabad and Karachi, this food place is famous for various dishes. Mouth-watering Sajji, tikka, and afghani both are some of its core specialties. 

8- Andaaz Restaurant 

Andaz Restaurant Pakistan

Andaaz restaurant shows you a perfect view of the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore. Apart from the food quality, its ambiance is up to the mark.
Visit it, and you will enjoy the history of Lahore with its interior. Likewise, another branch of this eatery is in Islamabad. Here, you can enjoy the view of Margalla Hills while having scrumptious food. 

9- Lal Qila 


Get the feel of the Mughal Era with the red brick building of Lal Qila. This famous food place has a big name among restaurants that provide buffet dinner service.
It has branches in three main cities of Pakistan, which are Pakistan, Lahore, and Hyderabad.
From live Bar B Q and Nihari to Chinese and continental dishes, you will find everything on their menu. The food is clean, halal, and premium in quality. 

10- Capri Restaurant 

Capri Restaurant Pakistan
Halwa Puri is another traditional style breakfast available in Pakistan. Those who wish to enjoy the best Halwa Puri can visit Capri Restaurant. When you visit Lahore, don’t forget to head over to the Liberty market, where you find this restaurant.  Hot puris made from flour, sweet semolina halwa, and curry made from chickpeas and potatoes are served. They have a sitting area, but you can also enjoy this breakfast in your car. Affordable and delicious, this Pakistani breakfast is a must-try!


Finding a halal food spot in Pakistan is a matter of minutes. But we always wish to enjoy the best quality of food combined with an impressive ambiance. If you are craving authentic Pakistani cuisine, the above list will satisfy your tastebuds for sure. 

Enjoy the special food of every region of Pakistan and visit all of the above food spots during your trip. But, do not forget to give your review.



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