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Malaysia Corporate Ramadhan and Raya gifting for Year 2022

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It’s the time of the year where Muslim’s in Malaysia will be celebrating Ramadhan 2022 and Raya 2022.

You must be thinking hard what items are the best to give them right?

Things that will never go wrong during these two festive periods will be:

  1. Something spiritual ( prayer wear (telekung or kain pelikat), Quran , journal, notebook and prayer mat
  2. Something to eat to break the fast (dates – of course)
  3. Healthy snacks (honey, biscuits, tarts, cookies, nuts etc)

The best part of gifting for these demographics, we at Zaahara has been servings thousands of customers and corporates.

First and foremost, we will ask you what your budget is and who is your target recipient.

We don’t charge based on a standard fee because we are firm believer of a gift must be something memorable, sweet and yet meaningful.

Do contact us and we can arrange for your company’s or corporate Ramadhan and Raya gifting for 2022.



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