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Top 20 Halal Restaurants Around The Globe

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Eating is part of living. As humans, we need to eat food in order to gain energy and basically survive, DUH. Without food, we would be starving. You could say that food is a worldly pleasure and a blessing that all humans could enjoy. Especially, the scrumptious and delicious food that are just too hard to resist.

However, as muslims, we should always consider whether the food is halal or not. It is a sin if we Muslims consume non-halal food or beverages. For us muslims, our meat has to be slaughtered by the name of Allah in order for it to be edible otherwise it will be not halal. However, it is quite difficult to find halal food when you’re travelling or living in a non-Islamic country.

Fear not, we shall give you the top 20 halal restaurants in the world that you can visit if ever you happened to be there.

  1. Bai Kui LaoHao Restaurant (Beijing, China) – this restaurant sells authentic Chinese cooking and the food are reasonably priced.
  2. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka (Tokyo, Japan) – if you are a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and delicious Ramen, then you should definitely hit this place up.
  3. Rueyam Gemuse Kebab (Berlin, Germany) – this place has all the Middle eastern food you are looking for.
  4. Biesmiellah (Cape Town, Africa) – it has an incredible Malay menu.
  5. Bo Kaap Kombuis (Cape Town, Africa) – serves traditional Malaysian dishes and has a breathtaking view.
  6. Lal Qila Restaurant (Sydney, Australia) – Indian and Pakistani inspired cuisine. This restaurant is also vegetarian friendly.
  7. EID - Halal Korean Food (South Korea) – offers diners a true Korean food experience and has great service.
  8. The Banc (London) – if you want barbecue and grilled steaks, this is where you want to go.
  9. Stone Cave Cafe Bar & Restaurant (London) – has a very unique ambiance and will cater to your Mediterranean cravings.
  10. The Halal Guys (New York City) – it is a food truck that sells fast food on the streets.
  11. Farsi (Moscow, Russia) – serves Persian food, the decoration and ambiance is top-notch.
  12. Gourmet Malaysia (Toronto, Canada) – offers an awesome authentic Malaysian dining experience for Malaysian tourists.
  13. The Great Kebab Factory (New Delhi) – the name says it all, it has great kebabs here.
  14. Les Enfants Terribles (Paris, France) – offers diners a genuine French experience with delicious French cooking.
  15. Sandhu Caffe (Rome, Italy) – they say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Well, if ever you are in Rome, eat like a Roman. Sandhu Caffe offers true Italian dishes such as pizzas.
  16. Berliner Doner Wien (Vienna, Austria) – come here for cheap yet yummy doners.
  17. Al-Sham Restaurant (Philadelphia, America) – their lamb chops are a must try.
  18. Berlins (Los Angeles, America) – fast food restaurant that serves authentic German cuisine.
  19. Chili Masala Grill & Tandoori Restaurant – Indian and Pakistani food that has a vegan option for vegetarians.
  20. Rodi Restaurant (Edinburgh, Scotland) – it offers barbecue and grilled Middle Eastern cooking.


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