What Is Telekung Talk?

What Is Telekung Talk?

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We have all heard of the self-explanatory pillow talk but what about ‘telekung talk’? Has anyone of you out there ever heard of such a term before? Much like how pillow talk basically means the intimate conversations you have in bed, here we have telekung talk where Muslims of all kinds of backgrounds come together to discuss all kinds of issues related to Islam. Telekung Talk basically has Prof Muhaya conversing casually with celebrity friends about Islamic topics.

In one live Telekung Talk session with Neelofa, Prof Muhaya discussed the importance of positive thinking and how that this is a very valuable and wonderful trait to possess as a Muslim. Even in speech, one is advised to say only positive things and the same can be said about something as mundane as a Facebook status post. One must be positive in their minds and even in their words. These are some of the issues that Prof Muhaya will touch upon when having a Telekung Talk. All this occurred while both Neelofa and Prof Muhaya in their telekung.

Aside from that, the professor also discussed about the notion of being ‘cruel’ to oneself. According to the professor, a woman is ‘cruel’ to herself when she does not take care of her solat, her aurat and her social life. If she chooses not to perform her solat and cover her aurat as well as not caring about the limits of how she socialises with men then she is clearly not doing herself any sort of favour.

Almost the same can be said for the males. Muslim men must also adhere to Islamic rules such as performing their solat, taking care that their gazes aren’t led astray (looking at women and such) as well as how they treat their parents.

Telekung Talk also has a Facebook page whereby the admin will post up all kinds of news and topics. For example, one of their latest posts was on Aleppo, the largest city in Syria. Basically, the post was a chronological order of the events that were imperative for people to further understand the situation in Aleppo, Syria. A series of pictures were posted along with the texts explaining the events clearly so that any reader will understand the situation. It begins with the fact that in 2011, the government regime Bashar al Assad chose to take up arms against the activists.

That attack ultimately led to an all-out war between said activists and the Bashar al Assad regime. Since then, Aleppo has been at war for five years running and the conditions are even worse what with Russia also siding with the Bashar al Assad regime and launched an airborne attack on Aleppo in September of 2015.

The way all of these facts were explained was extremely clear, concise and informative. No superficial or bloated facts were stated as it may just confuse the reader. Hence, one can really educate oneself if they spent a few minutes on the Facebook page of Telekung Talk.

On top of that, Prof Muhaya posts these videos of herself chatting in a relaxed manner with all these local celebrities quite frequently. There are many videos of herself conducting Telekung Talks on YouTube as well as the Facebook page itself. So, if you all fancy a bit of intellectual reading or just want to sip some hot coffee whilst listening to a relaxing conversation about Islamic issues this holy month; I say head on over to Telekung Talk’s Facebook page and get enlightened.



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