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Where can you buy ducksarves

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I know a lot of girl teenagers and young ladies who are fashionable and love to glam themselves up with the most trendy and fabulous outfits. Even girls who wear the hijab and cover their aurahs are following this trend lately. Just because you cover your head, does not mean you cannot look good at same time, right?

These girls would also wear luxury head scarves to cover their hairs. The most luxurious of all head scarves would of course be the dUckscarves. Some of the scarves sold by the dUCkscarves are pricey and expensive, but that’s not stopping all the fashionistas out there from buying them. These fashionistas are usually Insta-famous due to their high standards of living and because they live the life or the rich and glamorous. Their followers would look at them as fashion icons and get inspired by their clothing selections. Their followers would dream to own a dUCk scarf of their own.

Have you ever wanted to own your very own dUCk scarf? Even though it is quite pricey, it is still affordable. That is if you save up a little in your piggy bank before purchasing one hehe. So, ever wondered where the Insta-famous girls buy their dUCkscarves? Do not worry, we’re going to tell you how they got their dUCkscarves. There are actually 5 places you can find dUCkscarves.

  1. The dUCk store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

The first place you should hit up would be the one and only dUCkstore that is available in Pavilion. All of the scarves that has or still is being advertised on dUCk scarves official Instagram page would be there at the store. We are a hundred percent sure you can find the scarf that you have been dreaming of buying the first time you saw it on their Instagram page. The dUCk store not only sell dUCkscarves but also dUCk stationaries. You can purchase the pretty dUCk notebooks, pens, pencils and a lot more.

  1. FashionValet store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Yup, FashionValet store also sells dUCkscarves. If you are lost in Pavilion and you cannot seem to find the dUCk store, you can always go to FashionValet. It has a wide variety of dUCkscarves choices. You can truly go nuts there trying to find the perfect dUCk scarf that fits you the best.

  1. FashionValet store in Bangsar

For those of you who lives near Bangsar can head on over to FashionValet store in Bangsar instead of going all the way to Pavilion. Also, some of you might find Pavilion to be too far to go to, you could visit FashionValet in Bangsar in order for you to get your dUck on.

  1. FashionValetSG

A lot of Singaporeans are huge fans of dUCkscarves too. Well, now FashionValet has created an Instagram account for Singaporeans. Singaporeans who wish to purchase dUCkscarves can do that through @fashionvaletsg.


Last but not least, you can get your dUCkscarves if you order online when you visit FashionValet’s website. Besides dUCkscarves, they even sell other things too. I mean its slogan says it all. FashionValet truly is your one stop shopping destination.

Now that you know where to get your dUCk on, give into your temptation and go buy dUCkscarves!


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