Who is the voice of dUCk?

Who is the voice of dUCk?

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The dUCk Scarves is one of the exclusive scarves brands in Malaysia. It is so famous for its distinct design and high-quality scarves that its Instagram page @theduckgroup has more than two-hundred thousand followers. Its followers are of course not only locals but also from other countries in the world. Pictures and videos posted on @theduckgroup is narrated by D. Fans and followers get to the voice of dUCk tell stories of her life.

But who is this D person? Her identity is a mystery to all. D has never revealed who she is. She is a faceless and nameless persona that narrates dUCk scarves. Is it really a she in the first place?  Well, there are a few facts about D that she has revealed to her followers while she narrates. We know for certain that D is indeed a female, she even admitted it on a note she wrote on dUCkscarves.com. So, let’s see how well we know her.

  • She is in her twenties and is single. Her mother and friends always help match-make her with random single men but D is very busy with her work life. She has difficulties in trying to keep up with her work life, let alone have a boyfriend and a personal life. D enjoys relaxing and taking it easy on her days off work.
  • She used to study in the UK and have travelled to many places before. She once visited Paris while she was on her study break.
  • She lives alone in an apartment in the city of Kuala Lumpur. She also has her own car which she purchased by herself.
  • She has a cat that goes by the name of Snowy. Obviously, her cat is white as snow; hence, its name. D also love to collect notebooks.
  • She has two best friends named Hannah and Carey. D loves to spend time with her friends. That is how she maintains her social life. Hannah and Carey’s identities are also kept a mystery.
  • Her actual and full name has never been mentioned. All of her postings on @theduckgroup will be signed off with only a D. She is called the D in dUCkscarves due to that.
  • She is faceless. No one has ever seen her face because she does not post any pictures of herself on the Instagram page.
  • She is most probably a Muslim. She has mentioned once that she wishes to go on a holiday trip after Eid celebrations. One can assume that she is a Muslim because she chose to prioritize Eid first, then only go on a vacation.
  • She has expressed her love towards pastel-coloured scarves but the colour blue is still her favourite and her weakness.
  • She is definitely weight-cautious and enjoys living a healthy life. D would also advise her followers to do the same.


All these listed facts are what makes D so relatable to her followers. However, the real question is, is D real or fictional? Fans would make assumptions that D might be the founder of dUCkscarves herself, Vivy Yusof. But Vivy has previously denied such things and claimed that D is actually her faceless business partner. It does not matter if D is real or not. What matters the most is how cool D is. Fans just seem to adore her narrations and without D, dUCkscarves would not be a hit.


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