Why Kids Like Telekung Frozen? Shouldn't they just wear a plain telekung?

Why Kids Like Telekung Frozen? Shouldn't they just wear a plain telekung?

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“Love is an open door!” sings Anna with her then-love interest Hans. There is no denying that Disney’s 2013, animated musical, Frozen exploded into a massive phenomenon that brought many children to become completely obsessed with it. It was so astoundingly popular that it inspired a wide array of merchandise from, but not limited to, toys, clothes, food ware, school items, bed sheets and pillow cases and so many more.

Thus, it is rather unsurprising to discover that there are even kids’ telekung made with the faces of Kristof and Anna printed on the material. Why is telekung Frozen so popular amongst children? Well, let us explore that thought now, shall we?

The reason why many little girls are so intrigued with Frozen is obviously because of the fairy tale influence found in the movie. Most people who read about the creation of the film Frozen would know that the story is actually inspired by the Danish fairy tale, The Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Anderson.

Obviously, the creators at Disney changed many a plotline of the original tale to the more modern-thinking and fun-filled adventure. The changes paid off as so many children love the fairy tale background it had what with the princesses and the beautiful castle but adored the funny, exciting story it told as well.

Now imagine this sort of influential, beautifully crafted film was brought to life in the form of your daily items, wouldn’t you want all of it as a child? This is obviously a reason why so many little Muslim girls love the idea of a Frozen telekung.

Another reason aside from the magical, fairy tale-esque appeal of Frozen telekung, children are also very much drawn to the concept of princesses. A princess is like the ultimate dream goal a little girl wants to be when she grows up, as princesses are thought to be beautiful, treated with respect and gently, as well as possessing great singing voices.

Not to mention the silly notion that they have the ability to call upon cute wild animals like small birds, squirrels and bunnies by simply singing to them with their angelic voices. Of course, a film with two exquisitely dressed princesses are going draw in the love of little girls everywhere.

Can you imagine how exciting it must feel for a child to receive a telekung with two of her most favourite princesses ever? This is sure to invoke a sense of child-like wonder and magic in every Frozen fangirl.

Despite the fact that Frozen telekungs are immensely sought after by children and their parents who want to please said children, love is clearly not an open door for everything if you are a Muslim.

One can love something with all their heart but one must never forget their one true love which is the love for Allah SWT. People can’t simply allow their children to wear whatever they want to perform their solat because this can invoke very bad habits in the future.

Many ulama have unanimously agreed that one should refrain from wearing clothes with images of live beings as this can inspire a feeling of worshipping those beings. Hence, children should also avoid wearing Frozen telekung to perform their prayers.

Later in the future when they are accountable for all the good and bad deeds they do, they may forget that wearing a shirt with Harry Style’s face on it is not a good idea.

Yes, one can love a film like Frozen but that doesn’t mean that one should let that love get in the way of becoming a good Muslim. So, parents out there let this be a lesson to all and avoid purchasing telekung with live beings on the material.


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