5 popular mukena brand in Indonesia that you should know

5 popular mukena brand in Indonesia that you should know

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Okay, we have talked to you in our previous post about all the premium telekung brands that you can find in Malaysia, right? How about our neighboring country? If you are thinking of Indonesia, then you are correctomundo.

Believe it or not, Indonesia have their own set of luxury telekung brands. Oh by the way, fun fact for all you readers out there, Indonesian do not actually call them telekung. They call it Mukena over there.

We guess it is just an Indonesian slang that they use.

Some of the Mukena brands in Indonesia are pretty fabulous. If you are tired or bored of buying the same telekung designs from the exclusive telekung brands from Malaysia and you want to try something new and different, you can always try out these Mukena brands from Indonesia.

Here, we will share with you readers of the top 5 popular Mukena brands that you can find if ever you are in Indonesia.

Tatuis Jakarta


Obviously, this mukena brand is based in Jakarta. Tatuis have plentiful collections that you can choose from. The material used in order to create their mukenas are quality materials. Their mukenas are also designed to perfection. Some of their designs are full of flowery patterns which makes them extremely pretty to look at.


Magic Spell Mukena


The second mukena brand in Indonesia worth mentioning would be Magic Spell Mukena. If you want a more sophisticated design for your mukena, then Magic Spell is the one you want to buy. Their designs range from cute and sweet to chic and classy. Magic Spell has mukenas with floral designs!

They also have polka dots, swirls and bohemian designs for those of you who dislikes girlish and flowery designs. Another thing that is special about Magic Spell is its headless collection. This is perfect for those of you who do not like to take off your hijab while praying. You can just put on the headless mukena and pray away!

Mukena Fathiya

Another mukena brand is Mukena Fathiya. Fathiya inserts the natural world in the designs of their mukenas. Their mukenas would have flowers or leaves imprinted on them. Fathiya tries to make their mukenas fresher and fun for their customers to perform their prayers.


They would like it if their customers find it enjoyable to wear their mukenas and submit themselves to Allah S.W.T.What is really cool about Fathiya’s mukenas is that the top is always a shade lighter in colour compared to the bottom skirt. This make it recognizable and different from other mukena brands.

Mukena Al Gani


Next, we have Mukena Al Gani. Al Gani’s collection of mukenas will leave you bewildered. They have tons of beautiful intricate designed mukenas that you just cannot resist. Ramadan is just around the corner and if you want to look pretty while performing your tarawih then you have to buy a mukena from Al Gani.

Mukena Yumna


Finally, the mukena brand that we just have to share with you is Mukena Yumna.  Yumna’s mukenas are distinctly designed that when you take one look at them, you immediately know that it is from Yumna and not from any other mukena brands.

So, head over to their online website and get them now while stocks still last!



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