5 Creative wedding gifts  you can follow: Why follow the same as others

5 Creative wedding gifts you can follow: Why follow the same as others

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Traditional wedding gifts have been gifted and done repeatedly over thousands of years. Although classics are longstanding for a reason, with the new rise in creativity of our generation, maybe you are looking for a different approach when getting a wedding gift (hantaran perkahwinan) for your newly-wed friends or family.

Here are some creative wedding gifts that you can follow:


  1. An instant camera


Photo credit : http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-instant-camera/

Photos are visual memories. Ever since the creation of cameras, we have appreciated photos of all kinds. And I do not think photos are a trend, but they are here to stay. With that being said, why not gift your newly-wed friends with an instant camera. This way, the photos that they take with the camera will instantly be in their hands. Also, the photos are sized in a way that makes them easy to put into an album, hang on a cork-board, stash in your wallet or even make a collage with. The ways of utilising your instant photos are endless and they are picture-perfect.


  1. Membership Cards


Photo credit : https://www.pinterest.com/katiericky/membership-card/?lp=true

There is a large amount of blooming subscription services now, of all variety. There is Netflix, Spotify, iTunes Music, gym memberships, facial memberships and a whole bunch of clubs. If you want a gift that is functional as well as enjoyable for your newly-wed couple then this is the way to go.

If your couple friends have been talking about joining the gym, then get them a one-month subscription to a gym. If they enjoy staying in at home and watching movies all day, then Netflix is the wiser choice. This gift is personalized to their needs and they will adore you for it.


  1. Globe or Map


Photo credit : http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/globe

The world is a big place. It is far too big for us to stay in one place. Therefore, travel is a great thing to do. And most of us have this wanderlust attitude about life. We all have an explorer within us to discover new places and fall in love with new things.

Therefore, if you have a pair of friends who are obsessed with travel, whether it is the world or within a country, then gift them with a globe or a map.

This way, they can use pins to point where they have visited or where they want to visit. It will visualize their goals and their dreams. It is a great reminder and a great motivator.

  1. Personalized painting


Photo credit : https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Personalized-Custom-Wall-Murals-3D-Butterfly-Painting-Wallpaper-Photo-wallpaper-Room-decor-Bedroom-Wedding-Home-Interior/1777397_32506419182.html

Anything personalized is a great gift because it indicates a special thought that was put into the gift. A personalized set of candles, cutlery or pillows are great gifts. Why not give the couple a gift that they can see and display to the rest: A painting. The painting does not necessarily have to be of the couple, it could be their names or their initials.

It could also be a painting of a place they hold dear to their heart (their first date, first travels, first home etc.). The painting options can be endless. But giving them something that is sustainable and that can last them through their years of marriage is worth it.


  1. Keep-sake Box


Photo credit : http://www.cvs.com/photo/photo-keepsake-box-detail

Take a medium-sized box and either write or engrave their names on the top of the box. Give the newly-wed couple this box and say “keep your memories in here”. Tell them to keep anything they want in it that reminds them of each other.

It could be a dried flower, a movie ticket, a photo, a piece of jewelry, virtually anything. This is their little insider box: a box that contains pieces of memories that they shared together. And if they ever had a disagreement, they could go to the box and be reminded of the memories they shared and how much they love each other. It is a small gift that could mean a lot, if done right.



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Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

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