7 Activities to be done over the weekend in Klang Valley

7 Activities to be done over the weekend in Klang Valley

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Are you confused on what to do with your weekend although you are a resident of Klang Valley? Fear not, take a look of this list of 7 activities you can do over the weekend in Klang Valley as it might be something useful for you:


  1. Dine out

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We all go out to eat, to the point where it does not seem as enticing anymore. But try these places for a unique and different dining experience : Dining in the Dark, Kuala Lumpur, Atmosphere 360, and Thai Fish Farm.

Dining in the Dark is exactly what is sounds like. Instead of using plain sight to taste your food, ignite and heighten your other senses. The sense of smell, taste and hearing. And if you want to, the sense of touch. This creates a whole new dining experience where you must trust your instincts and depend on your perspective (other than sight). Just be careful where you walk.


Atmosphere 360 is a dining experience that allows you to have a complete view of the beautiful Kuala Lumpur skyline. Located on top the Menara Kuala Lumpur, you get a brand new look of Kuala Lumpur. Take some time to enjoy your meal, enjoy the view and enjoy the company.


Thai Fish Farm is for the fisherman/woman in you. Located on an actual fish farm, you get to witness your fresh produce as well as be treated to organic and locally farmed vegetables. No pesticides or genetically modified organisms. You are not only getting an experience of being near the water, you get to taste a healthy and sustainable form of agriculture.


  1. Virtual Golf/ Skytrex


Golfing is not just for the rich and famous. City Golf has made golfing more accessible and easier for everyone who is interested. They provide an indoor golf venue for you and your golfing needs. If you are not too fond of golfing, they have darts (for those who want to try their aim).

Not a golfer but instead a thrill-seeker or an adventurer? Then you need to discover Skytrex. Skytrex, in Shah Alam, is an outdoor adventure. Manoeuvre your way through ropes, steps, lines, harnesses and tracks. This is a must-try for anyone looking for fun. Not only is it a recreational experience, SkyTrex constructed their obstacle around forests and trees to provide better respect and management of their conservations. Making more people aware of our environment and how to protect it.


  1. Flight Experience Flight Simulator


It takes a lot to be a pilot. But if you want to try your luck or skills at it, instead of enrolling to aviation school right away, try your hand at this flight simulator in Pavilion Mall. Even if you are afraid of planes and want to face your fears : this is a great way to gain better understanding of aviation and the preparedness of a pilot. We always wondered what was lurking around in the cockpit, and now we have a way to see it. You get to be the captain, or you get to sit next to the captain. Take flight with this experience.


  1. Jump Street

When we were children, we all thought trampolines were cool. Getting to jump around, doing flips and tricks. Well now, regardless of how old you are: you can live out that jumping dream. At jump street, there are a number of obstacles : a basketball court, dodgeball, walls and many more. Live out your dream of jumping endlessly off walls, doing backflips, frontflips, cartwheels and all. It may sound childish, but believe me, it is a lot of fun. Plus you get a good workout out of it, if done right. Now jump on it and get to jump street.


  1. BreakOut


If you want an activity that requires a bit of your intellectual mind, then breakout is the way to go. Breakout, in NU Sentral, is an interactive user experience that gives you a situation that you have to, well, break out of. It is unique because you can play alone or with friends. It is a great team-building or bonding experience. So instead of taking a date to the movies, take them to breakout. You get to find out things about each other that you would not have known.


  1. Rock Climbing

For those of you who love to climb or are looking for a new hobby or sport to catch onto : try rock climbing. Rock climbing is extremely tough on the body as you are defying gravity so therefore it is a challenge. But do not worry Camp 5, in 1Utama Shopping Mall, has a variety of stages of rock climbing. For those who are new or for those who are experienced. Anyone can have a great time here.


  1. Spa Day


Sometimes after a long and stressful week, all we need is a day of unwinding. A day of peace and quiet, a day to relax. What better way to relax then to get pampered. Spoil yourself with a spa day, full of baths, facials, massages and calming music and smells. There are bunch of spas around the Klang Valley : Essa Spa in Grand Hyatt, Hammam Spa in Bangsar, Majestic Spa at Majestic Hotel and many more. Never forget to treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it.














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Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

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