7 activities to be done over the weekend

7 activities to be done over the weekend

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7 Activities to be done over the weekend

It’s finally the weekend! Every week, we look forward to the weekend. Two days, sometimes extended, of free time. If we’re lucky, those two days are filled with no work, no school, just free time. But sometimes, we get confused on how to use that free time. Yes, we sleep in a few extra hours but what do we do after we wake up. Here are a few ideas on what you can do on your next weekend :

  1. Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with loved ones will never be enough. You will always want to spend more time with them, wether it is your friends, family, partner or companions. We all crave more time to spend with the ones we love. Therefore, on the weekends, take advantage of that. When someone you love is available, make an effort to visit them, take them out or give them a call/text. Time is a powerful yet fragile thing, and we must make the best use of it. One way is to spread joy and love to the ones we love.

  1. Go to the movies, the theatre or the museum

It seems as if we will never run out of new Hollywood, Bollywood, Asian, International movies to watch. Playing in the cinemas are a whole bunch of movies, some are highly-anticipated and some are up for discovery. You may be surprised with a new genre of movie.

If movies are not your thing, try the theatre. Malaysia has no broadway, but we do have our own unique sense of theatre. Visit Istana Budaya or the other performing art theatres in the nation. The same applies to museums. Just because we are Malaysians, does not mean our museums are for tourists only. Learn on your day off about new things.

  1. Hike or play a sports game with friends

We should all adapt a healthy and active lifestyle. This does not mean living in the gym or starving yourself, it just means moderation. Instead of lounging around on the couch, opt to go out into our beautiful Malaysian nature. Hike up Broga Hill or play a game of futsal with some friends. Walk outside your doorstep and try to explore the beautiful Malaysia as it is.

  1. Work on your hobby or pick up a new hobby

We are more than just our jobs. It is incredibly fortunate if you have found yourself in a position of loving your job, but sometimes, a job is not enough. That’s why we have hobbies : activities and passions outside of the workplace that we can come home to. You may enjoy dancing, painting, singing or carpeting.

Whatever your hobby is, do not neglect it. Dedicate some of your free time to it. You will enjoy it much more and you will have a little distraction from your daily work-life.

  1. Cook

We should all know how to cook, regardless of gender, age, occupation or race. As humans, one of our natural instincts to survive includes being fed. And although over the years, we have found ways to feed ourselves without cooking, it never hurts to learn.

Cooking is not just to feed yourself but to entertain yourself as well. Trust me, cooking is fun as long as you do not put too much pressure on yourself. And there are a bunch of cuisines you can try : Malaysian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Western, Spanish and many more. You may find yourself as the new masterchef with enough practice.

  1. Volunteer

We are very fortunate to be in a position to have free days on the weekend. Some people are not as fortunate. And as a human race, we should all support each other and help each other in any way that we can.

Therefore, volunteering is a great way to help. Wether you want to help at a shelter, soup kitchen, orphanage, nursing home or anywhere else; it is completely fine. So long as we take the time, from our busy lives, to help others.

  1. Stay in and have a “me” day

Last but most definitely not least is staying indoors, at home, and having a “me” day. A “me” day is a day dedicated all to yourself. Take a bubble bath, cook your favourite food or order your favourite food, watch movies all day, play games with your friends, do whatever makes you happy.

A lot of us have responsibilities. For some, it’s their work, family, business or social life. Whatever the case, we must not forget to pamper and care for ourselves.


Article is written by: 

Fatin Najwa binti Daud, is a medical student studying at IMU Malaysia. She is a freelance writer of this blog at Zaahara. Interests include music, art, sports and travel.

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