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Do You Remember Your Very First Telekung?

Posted by Amberlynn Akmal on

Let's stroll down memory lane, shall we?



Salam World!

Do you remember the first time you got your very first telekung? I remember mine so vividly, like it happened only yesterday.

The year was 2007 – The supposed hot afternoon was greeted by a sudden weep from the sky. The thunder’s mighty rumble scared all the children of the neighbourhood, leaving them running for shelter.

My sisters and I, included. Our parents stood by the doorway, gesturing for us to come inside and hide from the now dark blue sky. Minutes passed by when plates of our favourite fried mushrooms were placed on the coffee table to comfort us.

Before we even got the chance to wolf down the oily battered mushrooms, our attention was focused on some colourful strawberries that was laid on my mom's lap.


Not just any strawberries. They were telekung covered with colourful strawberries. Mine was in hundred shades of blue – The prettiest gal I’ve ever laid eyes on (besides my mom, of course) I kid you not, the minute I saw my blue strawberry telekung felt like we were the only person (+ telekung) in the room.
I was enchanted! I brought her everywhere with me! I just couldn’t wait for the 5 prayers to put on my telekung. It felt so comforting, just like home. Now that I’m much older, I gave her away to my younger cousin to take my place and take care of her (or maybe just the other way around!)

It's because we know how precious these memories are and how much we hold on them for comfort sometimes, well for me the least. This is why we came up with these two beautiful telekungs for the little ones. 
Little Miss Dhiya and Little Miss Zara.
They’re made from polymix cotton material and is complimented with sweet laces. These two best friends are meant for your 6- to 9-year-old gals! They come in 2 new designs and with a matching bag! Believe me, they’re adorable!
You have no idea how much impact your very first telekung has in your life. It comforts you and shapes you into who you are - like a supportive nudge on the back. But you can’t just expect your little ones to depend on them, you have to be the one to guide and push them to grow into better Muslims.
It’s a learning process and experience that not every child is blessed with, so, take this as a sign and opportunity to lay down this flower path for them. I promise you, they will hold on to this precious memory forever so make it last.
In shaa Allah, I wish each and every one of us will achieve our absolute goal – to be better Muslims.
With love,
P/s: Add on name embroidery on the telekung for FREE (offer valid till the end of the month) - just include the name during checkout. 
first telekung kids telekung

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