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Zaahara Women, This One's For You!

Posted by Amberlynn Akmal on

Salam and good afternoon World!
How has your week been so far? Alhamdulillah, I hope it’s been nice to you like it has been to me. This past week has been rather hot than usual, don’t you think so? Don’t tell the sun but I really miss the sound of the rain knocking on my window every now and then.
Oh right! Before I do get carried off and start going Shakespeare about the rain, I have something exciting to share with all of you!

If you must know, ARA by Zaahara (an extended brand of Zaahara’s) has just launched their new Basic-T line!
Before you go, “I think my closet is good the way it is” let me just tell you that… you’re wrong! 

Okay hear me out,
Hygge. Yes, the new Basic-T line is called ‘Hygge’!
And no, it’s not how you’re pronouncing it.
It’s pronounced as ‘Huga’. All together now – Huga!
Hygge is that amazing and comforting feeling of finally laying down on bed after a hard day’s work. She’s made from the best quality of ribbed cotton – yes, they’re stretchy too! They come in 5 beautiful basic colours that you can wear anywhere and anytime. 
In other words, she’s perfect for your casual day out or even when you’re at home having your me-time! How great is that? And if you’re a sucker for those laid-back style, Hygge is definitely for you. She’s loose on the body, oversized with a dropped-shoulder look.

I’m not kidding you, but I think I hear your closet screaming for you to add these gals into your collection… Because mine sure is!
Do your closet a favour and get yourself a Hygge at only RM69.00! Pssst, they’re RM120.00 if you get two. Might as well just surprise your best friend with a matching one!

Okay, my alarm just rang. It’s 5 minutes away from me-time! (Where I just cuddle into my blanket with my favourite book, accompanied by my hot cup of tea) Let me know what colour of Hygge you’re getting, so that maybe we could match!
Talk to you soon friends. Take care and stay safe! And let’s just hope the rain checks up on us very soon.
With love,
comfortable homewear

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