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5 reasons why muslims should travel

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Allah has stated in the Quran approximately 27 times in regards about travel. Therefore, to simplify things, we are going to list down 5 reasons why Muslims should travel around whether globally or domestically.


#1 Travel to explore new horizons (16:14, 35:12, 45:12);

Allah is the King who creates everything that you can see and can’t see. By travelling, we can be exposed to various cultures and creatures. This in return will open us to new horizons.

#2 Travel to learn from visiting new places (22:46, 31:31);

When you travel, you can visit new places although you can see the same place in the internet, it will still be a different feeling. The senses will be triggered once you are at the new place.

Wring this blog as of now remind us how we miss travelling so much. (thanks to Covid-19, we are now not able to travels freely).


#3 Travel for recreation (10:22, 5:96, 30:46);

Sometimes, all you need is just a simple travel for recreation. Imagine you have been busy with work schedule all year round, and you got the chance to travel for recreation. How will you feel and appreciate the moment?

#4 Travel to learn from the past (6:11, 3:137, 16:36, 27:69, 30:41-43).

There’s a lot of things that has happened throughout the age of creation from Adam a.s until now. There are things which are mentioned in the Quran and there are things not mentioned.

One of the main reason people travel is because they would like to see what has happened in the past based on the historical event.

People who love history and site visiting will always love to travel that contain historical values.

#5 Travel for trade and commerce (17:66, 2:164, 62:10);

In the ayah of 62:10, Allah has clearly mentioned that after prayer, you may disperse for rezeki. It shows clearly that one of the reasons for travelling (short or long) is for rezeki (trade and commerce). There is abundance of rezeki every where in this world and we just need to seek for it.


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