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Chocolate; Good or Bad?

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Chocolate! Who doesn’t love chocolate? There is dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and many more variations. Chocolate is a sweet, decadent treat that we loved as kids and continue to cherish as adults. But are there are sweet benefits to chocolates? Well yes and no.


Before we even begin to dive into the world of delicious chocolate, a point must be made first. Chocolate can be healthy and beneficial for you, but it has to be a certain type of chocolate. White chocolate and milk chocolates are delicious options but unfortunately they contain more sugar than necessary to give you these awesome health benefits. Therefore, if you are trying to justify chocolate as being healthy, then you have to look to dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate, in my personal opinion is the best of them all (taste-wise and health-wise), is actually a form of a super-food. Super-foods are we all know are foods that contain various benefits to our health in many ways. The cache nib (which is basically what chocolate is made of) is an extremely health form of chocolate. It retains certain chemicals that produce positive effects on your body. But with dark chocolate, it has a high cocoa content (usually 70% cocoa and above is the healthiest bet of chocolate). In comparison with something like milk chocolate, the cocoa percentage is lowered and the sugar content is increased. Therefore science says that if you want  healthy and delicious sweet treat : then look to a square of dark chocolate.


Dark chocolate has a whole bunch of benefits. And I’m here to tell you why there are beneficials. Dark chocolate contains things called antioxidants. In your body, there is a battle between antioxidants and free radicals. A balance is ensued between the two to retain proper functioning of your body. Free radicals are unbalanced substances which are created through cellular process (that break down environmental toxins). An excess of free radicals in the body can lead to something called as oxidative stress and it is not what you want to happen in your body. To counteract that oxidative stress, antioxidants come in and kick the free radicals into shape. The antioxidants neutralise, optimally stabilising the free-radicals, and protect your body from the damage that they could have on the body. And fortunately for us, dark chocolate is jammed-packed with antioxidants which help protect our body from disease.


Some researchers have even tested the effects of dark chocolate on cancer patients and through their studies they have the potential to prevent cancer. Cancer, which is a very scary disease, is often wide-spread amongst the community and it is infamous for being extremely unpredictable. It is said that the compounds (flavonoids) in dark chocolate can contribute a role of prevention of cancer in said patients. Not only does it prevent cancer but it can help build on a stronger heart health. These flavonoids are strong compounds that help them body with regulation and prevent damage to the body (along with the earlier mentioned anti-oxidants too). This could cause a reduction is things such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar. Flavonoids are also said to be brain foods, causing increased cognitive function and helping the brain gain more blood flow.


All in all, dark chocolate has some great benefits to the human body. It is no wonder why we all get so addicted.

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