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"The length is right below the chest. Breathable, light and super comfortable."

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It has been a struggle for Muslim ladies to look around for hijab that can be used for activities such as sports and also for leisure. The one that is readily available in market are either too fittings, shorts and meant for hardcore or active people.

Sometimes, all we need is just a hijab that can be easily used without the need to worry about our normal lifestyle.

A robust hijab that doesn’t really reflect the sedentary lifestyle.

If we are to go back to 1970’s when Nike came out with their shoes, it was meant to compliment the brands who have been established back then such as Puma and Adidas.

Their aim was simple – To make everyone run and creates a running lifestyle.

With that, we at Zaahara believe that a hijab that can finally gives a hope and creates the lifestyle for us to move around with more confidence.

A hijab that brings us the joy and to make it even sweeter, it won’t make others to judge us.

You get what we mean?

Imagine you have not been active and has the desire to lose weight.

A pro hijab such as Nike’s or even Naelofa’s will not be suitable.


These kinds of hijab are meant for higher level performance which ours are not meant for that.

We, we are for the basic entry and it’s a day-to-day kind hijab where once you tried, you will love it.

The name of our hijab is Nafas Active Hijab.

The name itself is picked purposely due to the concept that we introduce which is:

  1. Just slip on, no pin and inner required - Less than 10 sec required.
  2. Easy to wear and no hassle.
  3. Airy and light (90g). You won’t feel the heat while wearing it
  4. It fits well around your face. Just choose size S, M or L.
  5. It’s long cover the awrah.
  6. Well maintenance! That means easy for you to wash and care. It's robust.

This Nafas Active Hijab is meant to be used for all sorts of activities and look will not be compromised.

That’s for sure.

We have tried it for our morning walks, afternoon walk, yoga, hangout at café’s with friends, visiting houses and perhaps groceries shopping!

Nafas Active Hijab

It’s meant for us! The always on-the-go Moms and ladies who needs something practical for our head.

Get it now while available and we can assure you, you will like it and perhaps you will also share with your friends and families once you have gotten yourself one.

Guess what?

You can buy it in a package of 3 and thus save RM 26.

Amazing right?

We hope this Nafas Active Hijab can be the catalyst to your lifestyle.

That’s our aim.

Put on, show up.

All that it takes to change the image in 2021.

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