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Good for gifting - Kain Pelikat Gajah Duduk Hitam Putih

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A gift for men is always tricky.

Either you get them something luxurious, gadget or something related to car.

Sometimes, even with those mentioned products, they can still be unsatisfied.

That’s how picky they are with giftings.

You don’t know how the men thinks.

Be it your husband, your brother, your lover, your dad.

If they belong in the male category, their mind is always complex.

But…Do you know that a simple gift sometimes will do?

What is the simple gift?

For instance, we have this curated ‘kain pelikat hitam putih from Gajah Duduk’ and it has always been a good gift for the men. Always. We have been selling thousands of this kain pelikat from 2015.

But you’ll be asking why ‘kain pelikat’ right?

Isn’t it for the old man? For the kampung people? For those who prays only?

Oh my…


"I bought 6 for my husband and my siblings. All of them love it! They said beautiful design, big opening, and size is standard.
I have been buying this pelikat many times and each time, I am a happy woman!" Atikah

Kain pelikat is a versatile cloth that give the men what they like most!

Something you can wear without the need to wear something inside especially if they use it at home.

Kain pelikat is like a gift for the men.

It gives them the extra air when they wear it.

It’s the same likes boxers or shorts.

They don’t wear something inside right?

That’s how the kain pelikat is. That’s the function of it.

It’s a comfortable lounge wear, home wear and also sleep wear.

The purpose was not just for prayer but it’s very versatile that your men will love it.

Pair it with a nice plain tshirt, your men will look great in it.

With the kain pelikat gajah duduk black and white, your men will look great at home.

It’s definitely a good gift for your dad and husband.

Get now and ask our team for special note to be inserted.

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