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For whatever reason, we should always find a way for a time with Him ❤. So whenever you are going out or somewhere, sometimes our attire are not suitable for prayers. Some prayer room does provide but usually, they do not properly care. So why not bring your own. I got my self a telekung travel from ZAAHARA. This is my top 5 reason on why you should get your self the Telekung Sofia.
1. Soft comfortable Material
I am not a fan of those thick or satin like telekung. Usually, they are heavy and due to our humid weather, it may not feel comfortable. Well, I can;t expect every prayers room have an air condition right. My favorite type of telekungmaterial is cotton. This Telekung Sofia is made from Chinese Cotton. It is airy, cooling also very comfortable and is breathable. Also, does not shows your body figure much when you move.
2. Color options to fit your moods.
I got mine in Peach. Not your typical white telekung, not too bright, not too over the top. ZAAHARA offers 5 pastel colors (Mint, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Peach) options that you can choose and 2 more new colors which are black & grey. All comes with matching color travel bag.
3. Made to perfection
They are made with perfect cutting and detailing. The ends are embroidery so they are much neater. You would not need an inner as the head area part are secured and has a double layered head inside. It covers the chin area too. Everything is perfect! I just love how it looks, how it is very comfortable. The back part of the telekung are more extend to cover your back are while you are doing ruku' and sujud.

 4. Adjustable & Comfort
The Telekung Sofia comes with a tie string instead of a stretchable elastic band for comfort. I have to agree on this as I prefer the length or tightness of the string to match my own head size. Usually, a stretchable elastic band will leave my head with a mark. Which sometimes can be an annoying thing haha.
5. Travel Bag
Saving the best part last! Of course, I just have to love the concept of this telekung. It comes with a Medium size drawstring bag (matchy2 color with the telekung!). It fits the telekung easily and this is a very convinient way for me to put in the car and grab it whenever I need it. 
 A comfortable and heart warming telekung is a must <3 It gives me focus and peace while doing my prayer. Also, I think this will be a perfect give for the one you love. Mother's day are just around the corner! You can find out more on the links below!

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