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Our Jewels of Medina makes good company!

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Salam World!

Fancy a Date with some delicious Medina Jewels?


Did you know that our Jewels of Medina are all freshly handpicked from the farms and land of Medina? These delicious honey-like dates are all handled with love and care every second from Medina to your mailbox!


Friendly Reminder:



We’re only left with 24 days until Ramadan comes knocking on our doors. I sure hope you’re as excited about it as I am! Have you start with the preparations? Oh, you know, just the usual like making up your missed fasts and stocking up your dates!
Don’t worry, we’ve still got time left – just make sure you don’t forget and do everything at the very last minute!
Our Jewels of Medina are always here for you to purchase! From Ajwa to Safawi – we’ve got you!

Head on over to our website to check out our other products! 
Pssst... We also have Chocolate Date bars! How cool is that?
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