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Pssst... Our First Ever Raya Collection Is Here!

Posted by Amberlynn Akmal on

I've got exciting news to share with you!



Alright, so have you heard of the tale of two sisters?
Oh, not Elsa and Ana-
I'm talking about our newly launched sisters - Gadis Ayu & Gadis Siti!

(We hope you are as excited as we are!)

Yes, we've just introduced our very first Raya Collection:


The two lovable sisters - different in their own ways but are always of the same heart. Charming and elegant - takes classic and modest very much seriously!









(Baju Kurung Kedah)
The adventurous one who's always up for challenges. She's the sister you run to when you feel like pouring out your heart and all your secrets to her. 
(That's why the pocket's there for!)
What's so special about Gadis Siti?
- She comes with a special button to help hold and fold the sleeves without getting in your way!
- She has a pocket at the front to help store your little belongings
- Extra coverage behind the button to cover your skin better!
- Comes in 3 different colours (Blush, Navy Blue, Light Grey)
- Available in two sizes: S-M & L-XL
(Baju Kebaya)
This is Gadis Ayu, the calm and collected sister who knows almost everything! She's that big sister you have always secretly admired and looked up to. 
Her kindness and unique beauty is what makes her special! Just like the beautiful stripes that complement her.
What makes her so special?
- She's made specifically for those who love the oversized - dropped shoulder look!
- She comes with functional buttons (Great for breastfeeding mommies!)
- Has a pocket on the side
- Comes in 3 beautiful earth tone colours (Nude, Olive & Black)
And these are just a few to name!
So, which Gadis are you planning to style and walk down the runway (Front porch of the house) for this Shaawal? Gadis Siti has my heart, but you never know!
I guess, I'll be talking to you soon!
With love,
Check out Zaahara's website to learn more about our 
Gadis - Raya 2021 Collection
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