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Bags. A simple creation that helps a lot of us nowadays when we’re going somewhere. \

But handbags in particular, exclusive to the ladies out there, usually have all kinds of things in there. It’s like the famous “Doraemon’s Pocket” for some because you can literally have anything in there.


 Pocket doeramon is a type of pocket that can ensures everything is filled there. It is a magical world created for the kids.

Speaking of which, what are the top 5 items muslim women put in their handbags and casting aside the common things such as phones.

  1. Tissues or wet wipes. As common as they can be, these things are a life saver for the ladies out there. Who knows what will happen or what needs wiping.
  2. Pins or safety pins. Having extra of these in there can really help a dire situation for some. It’s convenient to keep things together.
  3. Telekung Pouches/Telekung travel. Unusual but it is very convenient to have them in the bag especially when you’re trying to travel light.
  4. Lip Balm. Sometimes it’s the only thing that you just need to have in there to make your day. Especially when the day is hot and dry.
  5. Got to keep up with the tech nowadays right? These things are a life saver because aside from phones, there are a lot of things that can run with USB ports connections. Albeit, USB flashlights, Small Fans and etc.

So now, are you one of the ladies that have all these in the handbags? Or perhaps you have something which is even more surprising. Do let us know if you have other items which is not mentioned here.


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