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Another 5 of something list? That’s right! This time, we are sticking on the topic of 5 items a muslim must have while travelling. Sometimes we might forget what is essential to be with us during travelling and only when it’s too late, we will then notice it. Let’s not make that mistake since we’re making a list for it.

  • For the ladies, Travelling telekung/Telekung Pouches. It’s something you must keep with you no matter what. Want a recommendation on one? Check out Telekung Zaahara’s “Telekung Sofia”.
  • Kiblat Compass or a reliable app that does the same thing. When you’re in the middle of nowhere, finding the kiblat is going to be something that will bother you if you don’t know the tricks to it. A simple compass can help you find your way but also, will help you find your kiblat.
  • A Large bottle/container of water. Yeah it does sound a bit awkward. But if you’re stuck somewhere you don’t have access to any clean water or sand for tayyamum, then having a plan B ready is going to make your travels a lot easier.
  • Simple mat/ Sejadah. It’s always great to have this around. What more could you ask for.
  • Extra pair of hand socks/socks/kain pelikat for all your praying needs. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra laying around.

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